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  1. Going to try to sink into a deep state of concentration in these next hours. My focus has declined this year and I want to see if I can get these "state" again since it helped me study and do most of my tasks much better. Today will be my first attempt let's see how it goes, going to shut down all media, take away the phone get a silent room and block the communication apps. I'll elaborate further later
  2. Done with today, no content just studying talking with friends, working and cooking good stuff overall, let's see if I can keep it up, I sometimes feel like I don't do much when studying but that will with time and effort be fixed hopefully
  3. Note to self: Going into nature whenever you are stressed or feeling unable to do anything is great. Whenever you get stuck on recurrent self destructive habits go outside for like 2h, it helps reset the mind
  4. Got back on a schedule, still have to work on reducing a bit my reliance on music to get things done since it makes me concentrate less but that is fine, final sprint on work, lots of upcoming possibilities and uncertainties but one step at a time, now work, then enjoy then relax and finally turn work itself into enjoyment. Got a really nice video from a friend about quotes maybe it also helps someone so I'll leave it here inspiration.mp4
  5. Got back up, gonna try to keep it up , feeling a bit sad or bad here and there but nothing out of the ordinary
  6. Procrastination got me yesterday, it was the worst episode of it I ever had now I gotta see what I do today to solve it
  7. Well, it was a good run at least. This weekend I collapsed and resorted to youtube again, I still have to find a way to deal with music specially without going overboard and also managing the ups and downs I sometimes face. Good things I found out: 1-Instead of going on a full self indulgence spree it was more contained, maybe it was the pressure of academic work and having overall more stuff outside the internet like commitments friends work ideas sport and goals but somehow I did manage to get out quicker 2-Routines, self reflection social connections and sport are very important if you neglect your physical and social need to focus solely on you work/entertainment ones it will come back to haunt you 3-Space between me and the internet is necessary, I can't be constantly fighting a battle to keep myself from opening a certain page, it wears me down too much, a dumb phone together with a blocker is what I need even if I may not fully like the idea of needing this "external help" to manage my time and addictions well. 4-Problems pile up you need to forgive yourself but also force yourself to correct it as soon as possible before they get to big sometimes a I'll start with a little action right now no matter how big the problem is is enough. Bad things/realizations I had: 1-I still can't handle social media/new non-work related digital technologies like smart phones, youtube, twitch or games in general vr... 2-I'm still lacking in many non work related skills like social life, life skills, work-life balance... Today I'm going to get my phone and change it back to the dumb phone together with turning the blocker ups back on I still can't handle it fully on my own but I will try to keep working to one day be able to do so. That's about it, let me see if I can make good use of the rest of the day and to whoever is reading this just know that as my trainer once told me you can do anything another person with 2 arms and 2 legs can, you just need to believe that you can and you will get there, you are indeed capable enough just have patience and put in the work. Good luck on your journey ahead 🙂
  8. Don't worry this isn't a job or obligation, it is something we do out of our own volition, take it easy and hope you have a great day
  9. last 3 days been in a weird state, done work, had by fun with colleges, prepared stuff for the summer which is great and even held a great conversation with my friend over the phone about general stuff. Right now I may be feeling the come down from that. Idk I just feel the urge to stay indoors after class and just listed to sad music, or feel some kind of petty for myself? i can't explain what it is a longing to be sad I don't know. Anyways managed to get out of bed, and I'll start with a bit of sport and just going to lab, showing up at least who knows how it will end up but let me at least be able to say that I tried
  10. What ways did you find to deal with this?
  11. good day, invested a significant amount of time doing work and then cooked and went out with friends instead of staying inside, I will have to focus on continuously increasing concentrated amount of time at work but today was a nice step in the right direction
  12. went well in the morning, got up did some chores, went to classes and then drove back home. after that some sport and nothing much wasted pretty much the afternoon. I did well in the morning and managed to save the nigh for which I am proud. I just need to keep working on the afternoon-evening periods since those tend to be the hardest ones, as well as just trying to focus on just begining the task instead of just making circles doing plans as an excuse to not get down to business. Tomorrow my goal will be to block off distracting sites and focus on just advancing my tasks no matter how much
  13. rough day yesterday, lots of questions some let downs spend the day recovering, at first it was going to be a downward slope with the depression nap from 3 to 5 but more or less managed to save a bit of the day with some studying and some exercise, it is a big win managing to recover within the same day so I'm happy