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  1. Tuesday Decided to pursue one of my hobbies Spent most of the day meeting people and getting work done, relied a lot on music overall, need to get the momentum to also leave it as I know that I'm just stalling with it and using it to cope thereby just elongating the process. Still have some time left today, to avoid stalling forever I'll commit to also leaving music behind today at 11PM
  2. Monday Spent most of the day doing house chores but staying inside ended up hurting me long term
  3. Day 2 done, ups and downs, couldn't focus much on studies, managed to at least go outside instead of staying indoors with the phone all day long, main thing to focus on -> being more conscious throughout the day, I notice I have moments where I just slip or don't pay attention to what I'm doing, this has to change at least a little bit if I don't want to repeat the same mistakes and end up spending a whole day listening to music or watching videos. What is good is that at least now that I took out the internet I'm starting to think and feel a lot more, I don't bottle them up, and even though this means that I can sometimes be a lot more distracted emotional or have moments where the mind just goes too quick and overwhelms me with thoughts and feelings it is something that also helps me finally move forward and feel alive. Today is a new day I started off well in terms of energy and time (finally managed to say no to bedsheets and go to the desk to work) and I look forward to making it one of my best in the whole week, a stepping stone towards what is to come in terms of habits
  4. 1st day done, yesterday I had a lot of trouble concentrating in the afternoon and I had to resort to going for long walks journaling and laying down to let my brain calm down so I only managed to do wok in the morning. Today I will focus on catching back up in the morning and afternoon then going for a bit of exercise and the list of reasons why I wanted to quit games
  5. Day 1 Few distractions Designed schedule as psychologist instructed, waiting to see if it seems acceptable or if it needs changes. Right now I'm going to focus on implementing it (at least showing up to the places at the right time). For tonight/tomorrow -> recover list of reasons why I wanted to quit games.
  6. Up and down on the days, on average I'm still maintaining the pace through I had to make some sacrifices on the grades. I have to choose between just letting go of the semester or committing for a whole week more, my mental hasn't been the greatest, but I passed everything. Now all there is left to do is to choose what to focus on, I know that long term watching videos, even in small amounts is not sustainable as it ends up leading me back to old habits, that leaves restarting the journey of quitting cold turkey again ahead. I want to decide whether I should do it or not and I'm going to take at least today to find my reasons and why I want to quit, I don't want this to be another half-hearted effort, those do not lead me anywhere and unfortunately they have been way too common recently
  7. Committing to a day of break from the internet 14:00 -> night I have been too inconsistent with my schedules and habits and started to believe that I couldn't do it, I intend this to be the second stepping stone to help me hopefully get back on my feet. I'll comment how it goes
  8. Sunday now, will spend day studying when I get there and prepare for exams and psycologist, been putting it off for too long but I finally got an appointment
  9. Almost done with exams, couldn't focus on much right now I'm just trying to keep my good habits and not lose them to time and entropy I guess
  10. Thanks a lot @Paul A.I'm going to try to give 1h/day to be introspective + try the Pomodoro helps and see if I can get out of the exam period, already have some travels scheduled with friends for that time, now it's just a matter of getting there. Good luck to you as well and thank you for your input, I'll keep it in mind and see which Pomodoro time helps (maybe 50-10?) and try to dedicate more time to hobby searching. Btw one of this days I have to ask you for your discord contact or something, you seem like an interesting person
  11. Little by little Paul, we are here for the long run you can manage it we are almost there, it will get better as time goes on to wake up and do the exercise, specially when the increases aren't as relatively big / the consistency with witch they are increased gets lower. You got this hope the you can get your appointment with the nutritionist and switch careers soon. Take care
  12. Been going through a period of serious burnout, when it comes to games or videos I didn't touch them to much but I also didn't do much overall which is concerning considering the upcoming exams. I can't seem to find my pace of last year when I could put in 12h/day of work on average and still keep and upbeat attitude about it, right now I'm lucky if I can get 11h/day and my average is probably closer to 9-10h/day. I don't know what it has been, maybe it's the increased workload, the environment (I moved and it's a bit more messy), my enjoyment of the subjects (which has decreased) or a combination of all the above factors, right now even some of my closest friends in the degree and class have also experienced this, which is at least somewhat comforting, since it is not just me it is something also experienced by some of the top students in class. It is still frustrating though. Right now I'm going to try to focus on the things long term. + 1-My "worst" days of internet now only last up to 5h after that I go out and at least get some fresh air to let it out and get better 2-I don't find any enjoyment in videos which is an upside but it has also led me to see that I don't really have big passions anymore or don't look for a lot of information/projects anymore, I'm just kind of drifting for a bit 3-My health has improved a bit, my back doesn't hurt as frequently and I have tendencies to hate sweets or processed foods instinctively (like I can take a bite and know that I don't really like it) 4-Had a lot more experienced and got more control over my introverted tendencies, I still like thinking alone and being by myself but now I can actively choose to go out more with friends have more experiences outside my house or meet more people 5-Amount of time spent on the internet has overall gone down (these days it should be averaging about 1-2h/day when I count the bad days, much better than the average 4h/day I used to have but still not enough 6-Managed to keep the amount of calculated risks I am taking up (not gone completely back to being risk averted) -> bussiness, groups, dating... 7-took up writing - 1-As said before, no big projects/bouts of knowledge gathering no passion, I'm just drifting and trying to get through the day which even though sometimes it is a bit confortable and better than going through streaks of hatting/loving what I'm doing I hate as it doesn't feel like I'm really alive 2-I'm coming to the realization that I don't enjoy a lot of the things that are in my career and my ways of dealing with this + burnout have not been the greatest (mostly staying inside, trying to continue studying while not being completely in or just defaulting to music/videos to fill in the void) 3-Grades have gone down from what they used to be last year, I'm still attaining marks good enough to pass the classes with a bit of room to breath but my average score is going down from the previous year 4-Can't manage my time go back to games and still wonder why I don't have time for all that I would like to do 5-Became much more averted to pain (not doing as much in the gym/running not exposed myself to more pain can't breakthrough some of the times of the mental hurdles of cravings 6-Became less consistent with habits Goals for this next week 1-Organice my day, get more control over my habits since I have gotten worse at managing them -> waking up at 6:30 once again since it really helped 2-Dedicate time to more passion activities and self seeking ( give one hour of the day for searching for topics of interest -> articles/books + giving myself some time to walk/run/decompress)
  13. Congrats on your progress and on getting though the tough days. If you keep having sitting pains maybe you can try stretching exercises/ strengthening exercises/ walking a bit every few hours to try to lessen it I personally used to work while being up as in I would put my pc in a chair I placed over the table and read/type while standing up. If you keep having pains though it would be best to just get an appointment with a doctor since they would know best, specially if you live somewhere with free healthcare. Good luck in the upcoming days!
  14. Even if I don't fully back Ikar and Yan in their 90 day mark argument I too would advice you to at least take 3-5 days to process, think about and ask friends family, non-gamers and even a health professional if possible for their opinion on the matter. It is true that having a friend with you can help you regulate a bit your game habits but if you switch between multiple of them in the same day or they are into games as much as you used to be you could end up relapsing completely and failing the moderation goal, so keep that in mind. It is also true that chess in itself can have some more benefits and be more social than most games, in my opinion keep doing chess if you want but keep a close watch on how much time you spend with it and what your end goals + benefits you recibe from them are. If it helps you be more social, the benefits you get from it are worth the time you spend on it and you can set and respect boundaries with it (EG you know when to play it or not, + it doesn't mentally consume/occupy you) then by all means keep playing it, it can be a great social and stimulant activity. As an overall summary I would advice you to at least take some time off to consider your situation and ask yourself and other "non-gamers" (family friends...) non gamers things like. Have you done this kind of moderation with friends before? how did it go? Is spending 1-2h + x amount of chess hours per day something you want to do long term? Would it result in a life that seems attractive/good to you? Would it leave enough time for other activities that you also like? Are you ok with the amount of time you would dedicate to work / entertainment / socializing / relax? Are there any benefits for it? Would you like the kind of life/ day to day that have with the games included? What are the benefits, negatives and risks of games in general and for you? Are you the one talking or is it the deeply entrenched game habits/cravings... Take some time off, think about it thoroughly and then choose what actions to take to guaranty a better final result for you be that what it may be. Hope it goes well Paul, you have already done great when it comes to consistency with the increase in sport and the diaries, now take your time and decide how you want to continue with this process. Best of luck to you!