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  1. glad it helped hope it gets better
  2. If you forgot the account name then you shouldn't be able to enter it regardless so that should be fine as you shouldn't be able to get it back without the email. If you think that it isn't enough then asking in the forums or contacting them directly could probably help as you are given the right by EU law to be able to ask any website or game to erase all personal information they have about you which should include your account
  3. Man I am so proud of you for making it to 2 months and managing to get to a point were you can put bad days into perspective and move on it has been a pleasure seeing your progress here is to many months to come
  4. Up and down going outside helps a lot but episodes of pain and frustration still happen, hope to eventually get better though some promise has been shown until now
  5. Starting to get the hang of things in my new environment, I rediscovered that for me being outside the house is crucial since my bad habits thoughts and cravings tend to fester while at home, visited some cities in the country set up some hangouts with friends for when I come back and restarted some past hobbies that I either wanted to try out or remembered fondly such as reading, playing the guitar, cooking, sport or simply walking. I know I still ain't too good at any one of them but at least it is something better than being on the internet and I more or less enjoy them or think I could when I get past the early struggles enjoy them so lets see.
  6. Good decision, these things are always important to consider even if most people nowadays don't I would suggest also evaluating instagram as if it was a normal tool, seeing its upsides, downsides and them comparing them to actions that you would truly deem important towards your final goals. For example if you want to learn about or enjoy more photography and for example find that having an instagram account limits your ability to engage with the activity as well as stresses you out and in exchange, gives you some possible inspiration from time to time you could evaluate wether that inspiration is good enough or wether other options such as photography workshops or groups could be worse, just as or more beneficial and decide from there. Anyways it is great to see that you have been achieving so many things in this last year such as getting new friendships, losing weight and eliminating the internet hope it continues to go that way. Cheers.
  7. I don't really know what to tell you since it is a tough situation to be in. Good luck on your ride to the social center and maybe tell them about your situation and see if they can put you in contact with other public services such as the job counselors, the guys responsible for the job market and maybe even a psychologist I know it is not the same but a year ago or so a family member of mine found himself in a similar situation with the job and depression and asking the social services for assistance really did make a difference, they gradually helped him search for and get a new job related to what he previously had been working for and gradually improved his mental state by feeling useful having a job some more social contact and an activity he found joy in (tilling/cultivating small amounts of dirt 20-30 plants as caring for something and watching it grow really does motivate one sometimes as it is visual) Anyways I hope this in some way helped and I wish for the situation to improve for you, if you need someone to talk to you can always ask.
  8. New day, going to focus on finally regularizing my schedule since over the last week it has kind of been all over the place which isn't bad but often leads me to not being able to focus as much and succumbing to bad habits more frequently
  9. Read a book about concentration and the internet, it hit me quite hard and I'm still trying to process the lessons contained in it mainly about prioritization, reduction of exposure to the internet, concentration and habits. It was good since I sometimes struggle with these topics, right now I'm trying to process them and decide what I want to do with my summer months since when I don't have a plan I tend to relapse hard. For now I started a reduction in internet exposure eliminating social media and other entertainment sources like youtube but I do struggle sometimes with some of my bad habits, today I relapsed on one of them but I'm trying to get back up, it is usually a response to by bad internet habits and I hope it will eventually come to pass. For now that's about it I still have actions I want to take to continue cutting down on the internet, making sure other bad habits don't take their place and becoming a person I would like being with a life that I could accept even if it didn't have much success. Maybe I'll start posting some of the things I concluded this night or tomorrow but this is it for now. Things I'm doing well: More socialization Increased amount of time dedicated to reflection about who I am and what I want to be Cutting down on internet use Things I will fix: Not letting other bad behaviours appear in the absence of the internet Things I am grateful for: Great colleagues who push me to socialize a bit more. Family and friends who trust me and who I can rely on for help or second opinions.
  10. I wouldn't be able to fully tell you since I don't really know your full backstory with the guy and do kind of also struggle with physical contact but I more or less agree with Daniel. It is normal for someone to react like you did when a person suddenly touches or embraces them I even had a very close friend give me a punch in the stomach out of reflects because he didn't realice it was me until he hit me so containing yourself was good. The only thing I would advise you to do is to not keep these worries or opinions in your head, maybe not in the moment because we all get nervious and act a bit out of emotion but the ultimate goal at least to me is to make your boundaries clear or understood and not carry a grudge, if someone hugs you or touches you and you don't think they should tell them straight up or at a later point in time to avoid possible future problems. The rest of that interaction seems more or less normal to me with maybe the exception of going to the head master but if it makes you feel confortable that is what they are there for so it is fine. What I think you should give some more thought is the part about the conversation when the course was ending about wanting to stay in touch, it is perfectly reasonable to not want to stay in touch with someone, you are in your right to be able to do that. I would just like to ask you to reflect on if the conclusion you came to about him using the political tone was or wasn't influenced by the previous encounter. That way you can hav a clearer picture about if he was in some way mocking or forcing you or if it was just a nice gesture, basing yourself on the prior connection an evaluation of the circumstances and seeing it as if you were a spectator to the scene. That way you can put the question to rest and better learn to deal with similar situations in the future knowing what boundaries are and how to deal with other people in these kinds of situations. Anyways I hope it helped though I have to admit that I could be wrong or a bit biased since I don't know your specific circumstances, I also sometimes struggle with similar situations, I often enjoy physical touch with my close friends and come from a more open culture than normal where contact and openness is more accepted so take my words with a grain of salt.
  11. Arrived at the new place and settled in more or less, I still have to straighten up my goals and habits but, I'll take it step by step, first imagine what I want to do and see if the routine that would have to develop to meet it would be fun and then create the steps necessary to reach it
  12. I would say that this is something for you to decide since you know yourself best, my own policy would be to just dedicate some time to reflect about it check yourself and see if you aren't doing something because you can't or because you are afraid/putting it off. You never feel fully prepared for something the important part is to prepare and not let any opportunities pass that hurts a lot more than trying and failing, at least in my experience.
  13. It happens a lot but rejection is a part of life, best to just reflect on what you could improve and what you did right (you always do somethings right and it is important to remember these too and congratulate yourself) and then move on. You can't afford to stop to throw rocks at every dog that barks after all. Congrats on doing all these activities to move forward though don't take the phrase before as criticism it is just a suggestion.
  14. Finally finished work, it was too much. These last 2 days of holidays I spent traveling to the next job and hanging out with friends, even seeing if I can start playing some music and reading again, it was fun. Today is my last day of holidays but it should be fine since the upcoming 2 months shouldn't be as stressful and demanding as the last months so yeah, things are looking up.
  15. A bit of a sleepless night woke up in the early morning with nightmares about well, failed opportunities, not being good enough and being left all alone again, it is the first time in a while it happens but at least I'm through managed to get another hour of sleep in and right now I'm just honestly using relaxing music from stardew valley and some task that I have to do to soothe myself. I don't know when it will be posible but I feel the need to go again to the mountain, it helps, a lot, no pressing thoughts just a woody path you, your legs silence and time to accept things and see them for what they are. Anyways that's all for now I'm going to try to go back to work and see what I can do and just wait for this to pass or at least for me to get sometime to properly address these concerns. Things I am grateful for: 1-Having a reliable psychologist 2-Having great friends and family which I can trust rely on and can push me if need be 3-Overall luck, I got many internships and opportunities, my biggest issue is heartache and lack of social skills which is when put in comparison with what some people have to deal like hunger or war with is nothing but yeah I should be grateful for what I have and know that not everyone has it
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