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  1. Day 1 completed ended up hearing a commentary about news in europe about 20m, I don't feel proud about it but hope that it will not throw me into the rabbit hole again. It amplified my headache and served to remind me again that the headaches and anxiety I'm feeling are a symptom of with withdrawal. For now my best solution is to contact and ask a friend to take my phone as, with my pc being softlocked and already unconsciously associated with work the phone is the biggest challenge I face on my day to day life.
  2. Thanks for the advice @Paul A., This week I'm going to give reading a shot, I think I just struggle to much because I'm afraid to trying things out and I just sunk back to my normal habits. I hope this eventually becomes easier to manage and deal with but until then Physical distance, new activities and patience will have to suffice for now. PD: for you, what signs of something being a good/enjoyable hobby have you found, for me it always became something that sometimes was interesting and good mid-long term. I struggle to find and define what a hobby or activity I'm passionate about is or how does it feel as the closest thing I got was obsession with video games.
  3. Congratulations on handling the relapse so well and on learning from it Paul, and good luck for this next attempt
  4. 1st day without social media Middle of the day and feeling anxious, it has been a while since I haven't been more than 10h without a phone or access to social media. Hopefully it will be just because of my previous association of midday with videos and it will go away in some time. Doing daily chores has helped a bit, now I'll try to see if I can immerse myself into some other activity like studying.
  5. Experimenting with multiple hobbies or skills you could end up turning into a living is a good thing, congratulations for having the courage to do those instead of playing games all day. Just beware of jumping from activity to activity too much, every skill, job or hobby is bound to have periods where motivation and enjoyment of an activity faints completely for a while and results are not visible. Hope you do end up finding what you'd like to do. Good luck Paul
  6. 30-9/4-10 Stayed away from games but struggled very hard with youtube and social media in general. I need to get better at dealing with my mobile phone and maybe come to accept that I also can't handle music (specially in the morning or midday) as it just throws me into the internet rabbit hole. Today I will just focus on surviving and keeping habits, my sleep schedules and habits are already fragmented or are about to be so because I procrastinated too much with game related content through the weekend and now have to pay for it with reduced sleep and time. I think I'll go back to my hardline approach to games/social media until I can consult with a professional in some weeks, maybe it wasn't the best approach to take but it definitely helped with grades, social life, habits and adventures/mental state
  7. Day 1 Average time spent weekly 1,5h/day Goal 1h/day Convinced a friend to quit games with me tonight. We will see how this goes, this week I got a cool project that helped me to reduce game and social media time by a lot (like 0,5-1h per day) but also put me behind in class, I'll struggle for a bit but it should get easier one this week is passes
  8. great to now that you are making progress in that area and thanks for the insight into debit cards
  9. back from a hiatus I spent time gaming and thinking about games, specially on the nights and on weekends, going to bed multiple times with my smartphone on which I'm not proud about. I did manage to do some of the things I had pending like gardening but overall didn't do too much. What I found helped me out the most was getting people with which to do replacement activities like studying doing a bit of sport or just hanging out. I'm still not there with a lot of things but those seem to be working, what I really need to get down right now is the schedules, places and decisiveness to leave games back as I feel like I'm missing many opportunities because of it but really struggle to leave it completely behind, ending up instead just playing or consuming a reduced amount of games. What I did find is that when I start doing things and finishing little tasks motivation just seems to come to me so it may be worth it to try expanding on that idea
  10. Glad you are doing well grain. pd have you have many problems with a debit card my parents seem to be quite insistent on me getting one for safety reasons but I just find them dangerous in good part because I tend to be forgetful?
  11. Some regrets about the day Right now I'm studying at night, not great for my sleep schedule but at least I'm doing something about it
  12. neither bad nor good, listened to podcast, played with some friends and did some work not the most productive day but not the worst either I can't really count it as a win or a loss it has just been a little but of everything. Tomorrow I'll travel more, lately I've just been kind of blank, no big urges, no big rushes, no big moments of emotion/grief no energy just old habits. I wish I could go back to the time where it was constant 4 day or 7 day in between relapses, they were filled with grief but it feel more alive and positive, who knows maybe I'm just talking from the confort of my couch while not clearly remembering how it used to be like. Anyways since I don't really feel anything I might as well just focus on the activities I do tomorrow I'll try to spend as much time as posible traveling and finish the tasks I've been putting off like gardening and study related activities. Games are fun, specially when enjoyed with friends rather than alone but they don't give me the same wellbeing I found when being game free, specially in the nights just before going to sleep, I'll just find a psychologist to tell this to maybe they can help.
  13. I hope it gets better, for now the only things I can tell you are that: 1.The point is to overall get better, little improvements overtime which we do not notice until we look back. 2.It is true that you still have lots of work to do when it comes to learning how to stick to habits which will undoubtedly require a lot of effort and grit. This is your cross to bear, but all is not lost, from the many times I have relapsed I always learned something or found out a habit/positive behaviour that during my attempts I had been fostering, sometimes without even knowing about it. Relapsing, specially after a long run is one of the most discouraging feeling there are, leading sometimes to lots of grief, unhappiness and sometimes even increased difficulties when having to face off with your problems again. I can't tell you how long will it last or advice you on what to do to get it over soon, the only thing that I can say to you is that once this phenomenon passes (specially if you take the time to analice it) you will find it much easier to create and maintain a "sober spree". This is because even though you may not feel, see or know it all your previous attempts victories and struggles have given you experience and skills. During your last spree you learned what works and doesn't work for you, your needs, your triggers and wants. And not only that, you have also made habits, taken up new skills and hobbies to deal with it. In the same way that old habits stick to us so too do new ones when you get back on your feet you will find it easier to last longer and fare better than before. Wish you the best Paul, you together with grain have been a great inspiration and help for me to continue on my journey to get games and social media under control. Good luck on your journey and recovery, you are capable enough.
  14. Day 2 Spent most of the day traveling and studying during the trip. Fixing the sleep schedule and returning to old habits and routines I created last year helped a lot with dealing with downs and ups during the day. Do I feel great about the day? No, I peaked a bit with seeing a bit of news or listening with some gameplay vids... I don't know if iI would have been able to stay away from games if my fav streamer had been live today, but here we are. Tomorrow I'll focus on finalising a project I've had on my mind for a bit and then trying to go to my grandpa's hometown, there is no internet there, I have no smartphone and there are more natural places where I could go, it should help a little I want to reconnect with the people in my grandpa's hometown I've always been a stranger there always keeping to myself, I don't know if it is too late but I'll give it my best to change a bti
  15. Personally I struggle a lot with this and tend to favour eliminating them, Some things that I have tried that work best are blockers on my pc and using a flip phone in my day to day life. This means that most of the time I can't play even if I want to, But the ideal thing is to explicitly inform your friends and family about your problems with games, often times you will end up not only with less triggers in your life but also with more support and barriers to help you with games
  16. Day 1 Been struggling with games, sleep schedules, pmo and work productivity. It is my fault and I will get back to working again right now, When I don't focus on dealing with games everything starts to go sour so, I'm starting once more and I will return to using this website more as it helps with overall motivation and accountability which clearly outsets the negatives like delayed sleep schedule
  17. @LostRiverThank you a lot river, I'll try my best even if it takes me a long time
  18. Day 1 Listened to podcast, rode for a bit to buy some stuff and visit family, finally walked around in the streets and ate not much but at least it let me finish some of the chores I still had to do, tomorrow I'll be more restrictive with both my thoughts and actions. Not enough social skills/opportunities to develop them, I have to go out more so hopefully plans will still go through, still have to know what to do with the new responsibilities that come from starting shifts/study again
  19. Days 4-6 Struggled with games, specially in this last day as I had no real activities to do other than cooking and traveling back home from uni I need to find more activities to do, otherwise I just tend to default back to games/podcasts to fill the gap Broke this morning by the standars that I had set, nothing to do coupled with being tired, at home and with nothing enjoyable to do, plans for that day suddenly got cancelled
  20. Day 3 Listening a lot to podcast it helps with internet problem and it is not as bad on my mental health and stress as games but it is not perfect, ideally I would like to eventually also give up on these for better concentration time and motivation to try new things, right now I'm just contempt with how I am right now as I'm not having to deal with as many issues as I was before but it is definitely still hampering my ability to fully get back in track to put myself in the position I want to be in terms of social life, studies, hobbies, economic independency and things I have just had to give up on for a while
  21. Day 2 Spent a lot of time thinking about strategies to implement in the games I used to play, pretty much the thing that stopped me from going back was having switched to a flip phone and going to the library, I still did struggle and didn't get much work done but the time it takes me to walk back home gave me enough of a break to catch myself and think of all the consequences of continuing to game like disappointing friends and family, missing even more opportunities, knowing it would all be for nothing and I would end up stressing out and undoing the progress I did in the game etc... Having this space is really helpful, I just hope that with time and some effort, eventually I will be able to deal with the issue without needing so many deterrents to give me enough time and clear headedness to properly deal with my issues. Tomorrow I'll focus on revisiting the reasons why I quit and trying to keep the time I spend on social media and websites in check even for this one, it is helpful for hearing/giving advice and having some more accountability but I don't want it to end up hurting my sleep schedules and overall nigh routine
  22. The question of why you bother at all to keep up with games is an important one to study thoroughly if you want to learn how to better control your habits. By itself it will not bring you to your final destination which I asume is to quit games and game related content. But it will definitely help you identify why you game, what habits have you created around gaming, what acts as the trigger to your game related habits and what things the activities you choose to replace gaming with need to have. My best advice would be to find try as best you can to find some time for yourself where you are physically away from games to think about your reason you want to quit, what short term to medium term issues and problems you will have to deal with, what you will gain from going through with your decision what adjustments you will have to make to your environment and lifestyle and who can you count on to help support you in this journey. I hope it didn't come across as something daunting, you have already made progress on many of these points and you don't need to do all these activities at once. Just focussing on tackling one of these areas can help you quite a bit with if not in outright stopping with games at least slowly chipping away at the average amount of hours you spend in front of the screen and how dependent you are on it for certain things in your life. And one last thing, although your determination proves that already know, it can be very tough to see it in the moment there is pretty much always a way to deal problems and sometimes the very act of struggling and even relapsing teach us exactly that. There are many possibilities and as you deal with your circumstances you will start to figure out what works and doesn't work for you which means that if you keep pushing yourself things eventually will get easier and you will sometimes even surprise yourself by how much you have progressed or how much better you can deal with your situation and problems now sometime ago. Good luck on your journey we wish you the best.
  23. Day 1 More or less good, I took my phone in the morning with me and ended up listening to music and podcasts for quite a bit of time, left it aside in the afternoon and managed to have a more or less enjoyable afternoon while also doing some work/study + chores. Takeaways: 1-Touching the phone soon in the morning is about the worst thing I can do 2-I need to learn how to deal with "getting stuck" in my studies, right now I just get demoralized until the some kind of deadline hits me which in the long run isn't good for my health, learning and final result of the project 3-Need to keep it moving, the more activities the better getting bored while being at a conducive place for cravings is about the worst thing I can do
  24. Day 2 restart Did pretty well in the morning woke up at a reasonable hour and tried to go to the beach. Returned past midday and then things went downhill, too much inside my home without fun activities to distract me. In the late night I wondered the streets and came to the conclusion that I can not live with a smartphone as it has for years now been the perfect gateway for my addiction to influence too many different aspects of my life. I will give it to a close friend of mine when we next meet, possibly this next week or the one after that and use a flip phone knowing full well the many inconveniences and changes that I will have to make to adapt to this decision. Need to go to sleep earlier and recover from "failure" faster
  25. Day 1 Woke up super late, went to a family reunion, standar stuff now I'm working on getting back into my normal schedule and seeing were to go tomorrow as it is Sunday and therefore both the library and my classes are not available. I think I'll try to go to the beach, it is about time I begin to explore new places near my area because when I don't I just end up staying at home and making it all worse