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  1. 👋 Hi everyone my name is PastTense and I’m a gaming addict. its not like I have three screens. I have a gaming chair I never use, and a macbook pro and a smartphone. for the past year I’v transitioned from uninstalling LOL from macbook, to installing wild rift, returning to PubgMobile an occassionally installing kingdom rush. All are somewhat decent games in that they keep you entertained. my issue is with installing then uninstalling the games. currently I have other problems to tackle. Landlord wanted me out sox months ago due to flatmates gossippy nature. One of them still does this and might hve taken legal action this time. I’ve been coasting om the fact that he didn’t resign my contract in a legally valid way. I handed over the communication to a lega practice which I then stopped paying. Ao they haven’t forwarded any mail I was supposed to have recieved. I might get kicked out 1st of March. Homeless. I could go back to my father. Only.. hes a nasty person. Tried to kill me three years ago. And have me comitted to a mental hospital because he didn’t want to support his “competition”/black sheep. At best he only cares to do the bare minimum to support me when others are looking. Meanwhile he hndsomely assists my older sister fonancially. And also gossipped and dabricated stories to my godparents. Eventually they believed every last bit of it. of and I got fired two weeks ago because a girl who hit on me, didn’t actually want me and then claimed harrassment. In my opinion its way way nastier than it should be. I never called her anything demeaning or touched her. I sent some mails to her friends but nothing I view as serious. This got into a police rapport and now I find myself having to sue dor Libel and defamation. They freaking called the police! When asked to provide proof, they couldn’t back up their lies. i live on 8sqm or equivalent of 2,5 one man beds. Woth common living areas. Only, due to the conflict with flatmates being smokers, is rendered useless. especially the past two weeks I have been lying in bed all day playing pubg mobile, crying. oI grew up isolated on a tiny ranch, left to my own devices woth gameboys. As such I am socially inept. I can buy contact lenses, comb my hair. I cannot control my dandruff of facial acne. and I haven’t been to the dentist for two years due to poor finances. Otherwise I am a tall handsome guy. Age 31. I have had four girlfriends for 0,5-1 years. It seems they all moslty used me either as bed and breakfast, genuine boyfriend for loneliness, sugardaddy, or similar. Except I dont have a lot of money anymore. About two years ago I bought a personal trainer program which gave em iniitiative to workout seriously. But due to paychological terror of moving back home to my dad, back then, The goals were not met. For Bodyfat percentage. at 6’3” weighing 223 lbs, I am a bit overweight with a beer belly. Bf%is 22-23, muscle mass is 45% according to electrostatic measuring.
  2. In two months I have thrown aside half a year. lol made me not go to exams. just uninstalled today. I only knew it three months ago. before that, PUBGmobile, before that, AOE2 let's see how this one goes...