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  1. Love this book! Congratulations on your 100 days!
  2. Nicely done goals. Keep going.
  3. Caffeine addiction is real, too. Watch out for this and control your coffee and energy drink consumption. Now i only drink two coffees a day, but it wasn't always this way. When I was gaming I used to drink even 5 coffees a day and 1 litre of energy drink. Just to keep me awake in day and to not fall asleep on night gaming sessions. I'm glad I have this in control now.
  4. Recognizing bad news is a first way to solve them. You've just did it. This special event teaser, really teases me.
  5. Journal entry #39 Days game free: 10 A little photo from today. Yellow sticky notes with crossed out tasks, from five days. A proof of my productivity. I was asked by my accountability partner to post a picture of something which inspires me. I couldn't find anything more adequate than seeing my own productivity which leads to better life.
  6. Journal entry #38 Days game free: 9 I've just finished reading Slight Edge. Great Book. I have to join it to my library putting it somewhere between Resilience and Think and Grow Rich. Next book I'm targeting: How to win friends and influence people. From now on I'm gonna make a weekly sum up on every Sunday. So lets do this. Weekly sum up: Weekly goal: make all scheduled accountability plans + special challenges from accountability partner Neglected running(0/3) and learning British(2/5). Rest of the tasks done fully or at satisfying level(above 75%). Monthly goal(September ): start my own website Using CSS and HTML I've wrote a basic look of my website. Unfortunately, it's not finished. I couldn't implement everything what I wanted due to the reason, that CSS and HTML are not sufficient tools for the project I have in my mind. So I'm starting a JavaScript course and I will use wordpress for now, until I've gather more knowledge. Long term goal(deadline: end of year 2016): learn website programming/start making income from this I've tried to make my own website and this experience gave me important insight to web development, mastered my CSS knowledge and realized that although I know something, it's not enough. Started learning JavaScript. Decided to use WordPress for my own website(until I'm skilled enough to write my own website from scratch); it is widely used by people which want to run their own website without engagement in it's code development. If I want to base my future income on web development, then this is something which I should be familiar with.
  7. The biggest lie I often hear from older than me people is: it's too late for me/I'm too old. Seriously you belive in this shit? That's a fucking lie, cause you can improve your life at any of it's moments! Read Slight Edge if you haven't already and start with a one drawing a day, this way, in five years from now, you will muster your skill. Just go for it!
  8. Nice and wise to see someone coming back here. It's good that you're staying focused and surely you will repeat your success of no gaming! Can't wait to hear more from you!
  9. Piotr


    I want to write not for myself but to warn others how easily you can fall into relapse. A week ago I've relapsed in very dumb way. Getting caught in a very simple trap which was game slither.io I was researching gaming addiction and found a compilation of 10 most addictive games. What picked up my attention was game slither.io which stood next to so big productions as cs:go, starcraft, world of warcraft etc. So I wanted to know what this is. Expecting to see informations, guides and general overview of game on their website. Unfortunately, it was very deceptive as the website was already loaded game. After you lose the only thing you see is play again button. This ended up for me in 5 hours gaming straight. Where after two hours I said to myself: this is stupid, only one more play and that's it. That one more play, stretched into another 3 hours... So I wanted to write this as a warning for others, how easily we can fall in such traps. Developers get smarter and they invent new things to force others play their game. Watch out on your every step. Greetings, Piotr.
  10. Good podcast. Lot's of people think they are anonymous in the internet but this is very illusive thought. It's good that you bringing it up.
  11. Fuck 90 days. It's not about certain number, it's about living a life where you choose wiser on decisions you make. Surely relapse sucks, I went through it a few days ago, but you should focus on getting desired life not on numbers. You've already made the first step. You've broke gaming streak. Now it's time to move on! Hope to see more from you soon! Greetings, Piotr.
  12. Slight edge. You're winning life by these small steps. Keep going Daniel!
  13. Remember that you've already dealt with procrastination, gaming and mindless browsing. Just repeat those leaps of improvement. Choose better activities as you did before!
  14. It seems like you're applying healthy eating. It's surely worth it, although it's not always so tasty. Speaking from my own experience, I know that you will feel a lot better.
  15. Greetings for getting your award! You've earned it.
  16. Thank you @Cam Adair, your responses are not only supportive but also motivating. Peace, bro. @hycniejsy better be worried about my accountability, cause this week, it's my turn to give him special challenges Journal entry #37 Days game free: 5 Passed driving license exam cat. C (european union standard)! A little success today and new qualification gained! Quote which literally shook me today: "You cannot go back and make brand new beginning, but you can start now, and make brand new ending!"
  17. That's what we are for! We are here for ourselves, to support each other. It's good to have you here! Other people are not aware what gaming addiction really is, because it's new. It's not even specified in health documentations. That's the reason why people say what you quoted. That's why we try to spread information about this. Be strong!
  18. I was once very religious, I even was an acolyte in the church in my hometown. Lots of people said that I will probably become a priest, which I thought so too, at some point... I studied mine and others religions, and the deeper I went into studying them, the more I've seen that everything of that is just a hoax, nicely said stories but with nothing "divine" in it. That leads to the fact that: Now I'm an atheist.
  19. Thank you for answer. Good luck on this!
  20. Journal entry #36 Days game free: 4 Weekly goal: make all scheduled accountability plans + special challenges from accountability partner Monthly goal(September ): start my own website Long term goal(deadline: end of year 2016): learn website programming/start making income from this Till I die goal: translate gamequitters to Polish and contribute to help others improve their lives
  21. Three months ago I was in the same situation as you are right now. What helped me, was writing down how I would like to my life look like. Than what can I do to make it happen. Ex. I want to look better - working out, eating healthier, gain a few kilos This way you set yourself a plan. If you stick to this, than you see results which you crave the most for. This brings you more confidence and makes you happy. Seems like a solution for you. Greetings, Piotr.
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