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  1. It will. Just remember to use every opportunity that will appear on your path. As we often feel more regret for things we didn't, than for the things we did.
  2. Journal entry #46 Days game free: 32 Procrastination free: 1 I've read all my journal entries to get a little overview on how things changed. I can see a major improvement in therms of quitting games. Completed detox, withstood cravings, changed my focus from games to life and although I've relapsed two times I was strong enough to get up and fight again. Now I don't see games as something I can't live without, they are completely out of my interest. What replaced them, is working towards a better life, focusing on everyday goals, rising bar and facing difficulties instead of escaping them. Although growth can be seen, I think that I need to improve my focus on more important matters. Being man, is not only about gender or age, it's about taking responsibility for my actions, where I should cut the crap and get more from life. Replacing tv series with Think and Grow Rich techniques, seems like a good start.
  3. It's great to hear that you like it and find it useful! Journal entry #45 Days game free: 31 Procrastination free: 0 I've forgot how soul-healing was listening to music before sleep for me. This really helps me fall asleep and not to overthink some thoughts. As the latter, really kills me. To much neglecting learning JavaScript. I need to improve my focus. Especially now where more studying comes in its way.
  4. Any idea on how you're going to invest this money?
  5. Can't wait to hear more about your travel. Hope you're having a good time!
  6. Congratulations Reno! This is very important milestone in therms of your better life! I've enjoyed your entries so I hope that you won't stop posting. Also remember that the cravings are still out there. So don't let your guard down! Best wishes, Piotr.
  7. Resting enough is really important subject, often neglected. Good that you've remembered about it, it pays off as you see.
  8. You've resisted once so you can now do it every time the cravings come. Remember about this and stay strong
  9. After quitting games I've seen what those game ads really show. It's good that you shifted your attitude towards yourself. There is no point in putting yourself down.
  10. It's hard to find a substitute cause there is nothing similar to gaming. You need to do different activities to fulfill this void. If many people have done it, so you can, too. Keep going.
  11. Piotr

    Army of one

    You're going good. Keep it this way.
  12. Halloween preparations sounds cool. It's good that you're managing your life and taking lessons from bad decisions. Just don't give up!
  13. Welcome! It's nice to see that you've joined our community and decided to improve your life. Remember that whatever happens, no matter how hard the struggle is, we are here to help each other and support. Keep posting!
  14. Good point. Like in this proverb: the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Journal entry #44 Days game free: 29 Procrastination free: 3 New article on my website: https://slickthought.wordpress.com/2016/10/14/all-of-that-is-just-crap/ What do you think?
  15. I miss typing them, too. Too bad they are mostly used in games.
  16. Journal entry #43 Days game free: 27 Procrastination free: 1 Just a quick entry before my workout. I've installed redirector add-on, so whenever I want to open tv series website it re directs me to JavaScript tutorial. This is a good reminder, on what I should really be focused. Beside that, I've done some big housekeeping, what wasn't really on my schedule. Today, hit me a desire to create a product based on which I could run my own company. Although a beautiful dream, I don't think I could be another Steve Jobs.
  17. Really nice cover! How long are you playing?
  18. I've asked myself the same question. Looking for an answer too. Although in my opinion it comes from procrastination.
  19. Thank you @Terra for your interest! Link in post. It's interesting practice with that piling, @Yellow. How is it working for you now? Journal entry #42 Days game free: 26 Procrastination free: 0 Yesterday after workout, I've procrastinated on watching films. I need to cut it down, because I waste time on it, instead of doing something productive. Goal for today: install website block program and ban all those series websites. Check my website: www.slickthought.wordpress.com which I was asked for many times. For now I have only one article there, but I'm committed to post there weekly.
  20. Reading is a best start I could advice.
  21. Keep that vision and recall it daily. Through visualisation and hard work it will become reality.
  22. Quantum physics is highly abstract, but it gives a completely new point of view. Good you liked it!
  23. Can't wait for tomorrow post!
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