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  1. You're right. I have some important goals and there is more i can do to accomplish them. Thank you !
  2. I havenĀ“t game yet since i started here. But sometimes i get bored and think if i should game just a little. I'm drawing as a hobby besides reading, seeing documentaries or films and studying. I'm holding on. Thanks for support.
  3. Day 5 , Day 6, Day 7 : Not much new stuff i'm doing. I have yet to game since i committed not gaming and honestly i don't think about gaming more than 0.1% of my day. My cravings for gaming even for the social aspect of it are just vanishing and it's all being very good to make more time for meaningful activities that i already had but didn't developed, because i wasted many hours per day on gaming. I'm also feeling better for not being angry because of gaming. I was a classic toxic cs go player. Ever since day 3 things got way easier and i experienced less boredom. The really worst part is the first couple days. Anyways thank you guys for continuous support.
  4. Actually i have a lot of interest in Dharma(i follow the Dharma Nation channel on YouTube). I just didn't formed my meditating habit seriously. Thank you for suggesting that. It's an habit that gets easier with time but i never had the patience to follow through. I'll also think deeper on make some hobbies projects, that is another great recommendation. Thank you very much for the insightful reply.
  5. Thank you all for your support and tips. Day 2 : Boring day. Getting more into reading but still missing gaming for a couple of hours, although i have recognized gaming as a problem so the temptation is not very big. I went to see my young brother at his soccer practice because he enjoys it if i see him playing. Increased my time listening music and reading. Day 3 : Thoughts of gaming still there but not as much as previous days, feeling positive, i'm pretty sure i'll detox for more than 90 days without relapsing. Got to have confidence. More reading and listening music. I'm thinking if i could get into drawing even though i'm abysmal at it. Not so boring this day, still I miss my girlfriend. We leave a bit far away so i can not be with her everyday. Also listening some podcasts on current affairs. Day 4 : Went to college to get some material required to study, had lunch with girlfriend a college girl from a different college nearby. Reading continues as the prime replacement for gaming , listening music and podcasts every day, now thinking if i could get into some musical instrument. Overall feeling optimistic, my gaming friends are surprised i'm committed to not game anymore. Don't really care about their opinion, i know what's best for me. Watched some Cam's YouTube videos for new insights into this process. Feeling grateful for this community. Great project Cam Adair.
  6. 1st day : Ok so no gaming took place today , except 5 minutes of Pokemon Go. But that doesn't count to me cause i don't waste time with it. I play it mostly with friends and family and there are days i don't even play it at all. PC gaming which is my only gaming problem(don't own xbox or ps4 or wii, only a gaming laptop) is what i'm tackling here and today on my first day, things went well. I discovered that i have so much time that i got somewhat bored throughout the day. I helped my mother on moving some vases and flowers around the house; studied a college subject that i didn't complete on my previous year so i have to do it again this year and kept on reading a finances e-book that is really expanding my knowledge on candlestick charts. I pretend in the future to invest in stock markets, though not an investor full-time, just to make a few bucks(hopefully). A thing i regret and expect to improve is mindless browsing of non gaming topics. Now that i don't game i browse more, perhaps because i'm bored. I'll be updating my journal weekly at least if not more frequent. Thank you guys for reading.
  7. My name is Diogo(22 years old) and starting today i'm trying to totally give up gaming. I did it on PC with CSGO, Hearthstone and Paladins about 6 to 7 hours per day from these three games i get frustrated when i lose and when i win it just doesn't compensate to me anymore. I'm in college and it is hindering my studies and other things like keep going to the gym and reading. I just feel like i have so many interests from finance to eastern religions to philosophy , and gaming is just a meaningless activity that wastes too much time that should be better invested. I have given up PMO 2 years ago and to conquer that addiction(did it almost every day) felt very good, now i'm determined to beat this gaming problem. Thank you for this forum and let's keep mindful to not giving in to our minds desire.
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