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  1. That is a really interesting take on Christian music. Do you like Skillet? They are Christian rock band I think they have lot of great songs.
  2. @Erik2.0 Dumbbells are great. It requires a bit more control but it does not force your hands into such an unnatural position. As books said it is great that you are finding balance in hobbies. In fairness that's probably needed, considering that gaming was able to fulfill so many need simultaneously. Dating sites are not worth it, it just feels like a social media on steroids where you keep on trying to make people like you based on your profile. It sucks that it is harder to meet people in real life these days but even that will change with some time.
  3. Dreams are a powerfull tool that our brain uses to process stored information into memory. They tend to reflect things that are on our mind, moreover when we quit something that played a huge role in our life it is deeply engraved in our brain and it takes time till we adjust to life without it. This creates conflict between subconscious which seems to be missing something but your conscious mind knows that it needs to stay away from the addiction. I think it is a good sign, as you said. It shows you your internal conflict, but more importantly you waking up with the realization that this is s
  4. I know that for some people the blue light blocking glasses help but I try to avoid any screens at least 30 min before sleep. Any screen activity seems to be able to disrupt my sleep. Even bright light these days, I usually keep my lights dim in the evening so if the lights in the hallway are on, it can make it harder to fall asleep. Do not worry, with time you will find new things that you will enjoy. You can try watching different genre on tv, I started watching more documentaries, and it is a nice change of pace compared to anime and other shows.
  5. There might be more, but the only legal one that I know of is Crunchyroll. It might work with your VrV account, but I am not sure. I remember seeing somewhere that you can link them the accounts together which should give you the access to the manga as well. It should have the most popular manga on there. Hope it helps 🙂. Also, Parasyte is great! Definitely one of the better anime imo.
  6. That's a good point. I might give it a try someday. Unfortunately, I do not think I have the time to start learning the instrument at the time. I 100% agree with that; small steps are the ones that lead to significant changes. Nothing is done overnight. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Thanks for the advice though I had no idea that you could get it this cheap. As you mentioned before, baby steps. It takes time. But it is not impossible. Fixing my sleep schedule was one of my hardest habits to change. Now about a month later, I can comfortably wake up around 6AM, and I used
  7. @Reza Welcome back. I struggled with league too. The best and one of the most painful decisions that I have made was to delete my account permanently. It meant that I was burying a considerable part of myself. But without it, the whole me would be slowly suffocated by gaming. For some people, moderation might work, but I have failed that way too many times to learn. Well, if we do something for several hours a day, the habit is so strongly engraved in our brain that it is easier to avoid it altogether. Reading is a great habit! Good job on deleting social media too. Keep up the good work 🙂
  8. @GrainSiloEnthusiast Congratulations on the 10 days, you will reach your goal in no time. Well, the piano seems like a great opportunity to try learning something new. I am kind of jealous, haha. I wanted to learn the piano when I was younger but never got to it. Although I was never good with music, so there's that, I guess. Keep up the good habits.
  9. @Erik2.0 Thats fair. Well done on the bike ride. I wish I have a bike here. I might actually have a look for one. I would enjoy the possibility to explore much more of my city than by just running. Well now that things normalize and you get busier you do not have to worry so much about finding so many hobbies.
  10. @Erik2.0 I am happy to see that things are going well. Do not worry, we all get sad and lonely at times. Moreover, this lockdown crap does not help it, but things are slowly improving, which is good. I foun that watching tv does not cause it only in case when I can talk about the show with friends. Otherwise it feels just like a form of escape and there are better activities to do to clear our mind 🙂.There are dedicated mats for puzzles that allow you to roll them with the puzzle inside, and it is supposed to hold it together. I was considering one, but then I found an old pinboard which is bi
  11. Maybe have a look at a lower back support addon to the chair instead of the pillow. I am not sure in what condition is the chair that you already own, but I know these things can make quite the difference sometimes. They are more breathable and firmer compared to the pillow, so it might be worth a try. It is cheap too, and in most places you could return it if you do not see improvement after few days.
  12. Same here! There are only a few movies and shows I like to re-watch. From anime it would be Code Geass and Death Note, mostly. I just love seeing the master plan and strategy unfold. I remember the awe I had when I first watched it, but I can still appreciate it even now when I know what will happen. Did you have an injury in the past? I had and still have some issues with my shoulder. What helped me a lot was a lot of stretching. I actually blame gaming for this one too. From constant sitting and playing with mouse I have a pain in my shoulder. I guess even the wrist took some damage
  13. @Erik2.0 Congratulations on your amazing achievement! It is great seeing you doing well 🙂 I am happy for you! Books said it well, you have helped many people on this forum, myself included. Keep up the exemplary work and there are more good things to come! That is great that you are enjoying it. Neither do I so I will need to figure out something. I will keep you posted 😄. That sounds like a good service. I am thinking about rewtching Code Geass but I will see if I manage to find time for it.
  14. @ToastyMuffinHello, and welcome to the forums. It all takes time, keep that in mind. But it is wonderful that you made the first big leap, and now you are on the journey to change towards better habits. For me, the sleep schedule was one of the most significant improvements once I managed to actually fix it. It took me weeks of struggle to finally make that change. Also, I would recommend focusing on easy, relaxing tasks which can still lead to a state of flow. Coloring worked well for me, while listening to audiobooks/music. It is relaxing, but once I got started, I had the urge to finish the
  15. @Erik2.0 Happy to see you enjoying the coloring so much. Reading your posts makes me want to go color another picture. But I am not going back to it before I do the puzzle haha. I finally made some progress on it, and I think I found a way that should help me solve it faster. That is a bit stressful as well because I need to figure out a way what to do with it once I finish it, hmm. I am hoping that just a regular A3 picture frame would be able to hold it without the messy gluing process. Good job on the workout and routine, keep it up!
  16. @gargamel I think that honesty is the key on this path to recovery. It is easier to paint illusions around oneself and the escape within them. The funny thing is that the procrastination/ escape is usually the initial trigger to this endless escape cycle. I believe that momentum plays a huge role in what we do during the day. Once this cycle gets rolling, it is harder to stop it with every passing minute, with every excuse that we give ourselves. That's why some days just feel fantastic when you get a good start in the morning and then more and more victories compound on top of it. I thi
  17. I never had to make such a big purchase, but why not look forward to it? It will definitely be stressful too, but I can see the thrill of looking for a new place. Each house is different and has its quirks that someone might love, and someone might hate, but finding the one perfect for you should be more of an exciting activity than a stressful one. Definitely, do not rush it, though. When we rush things, we can make bad decisions, and that's where regrets can come in. It might just be my optimistic viewpoint on things, but I believe if you enjoy it. And I am sure if you take your time you wil
  18. Thanks for the reminder! I used to watch flash a while ago, but I have not caughtt up to all of season 6 episodes. It is pretty chill show. They did a splendid job on this one, I watched some episodes of "The Legends" too, but I did not like it as much. I had the same problem when I started running. Stretching, ice and Voltarol helped me recover pretty quickly. I had to work more on my feet position when it was in contact in the ground. I think I got hurt running downhill with a heavy step landing on my heel. The lockdown and is slowly getting to everyone. That will improve for sure w
  19. @station mouse Quitting games is a harsh and bumpy road. It has its ups and downs. Moreover; it takes time until you get accustomed to it. But don't worry once you get through the first few hills you will see the beauty and freedom that lies ahead. The beginning is the rough part. The best way to make it bearable is to find suitable hobbies to replace each aspect of gaming that was appealing to you. Unfortunately gaming is great at fulfilling several of them, so you will most likely need several hobbies. That is a great option. I think any form of setting up plans for your day will ma
  20. @Erik2.0 Maybe you can find colouring pictures online that you could just print out? 🤔 I have not thought about it before because I do not have a printer, but I am sure there should be some. Wish is definitely on the shady side. I have never bought stuff from there, but I have seen way too many unboxing videos from wish. The items are usually complete trash or at least inferior quality. I would probably stick to Amazon/eBay. Have you read Why We Sleep? It is kind of a self-help book I would say. It talks about the importance of sleep and virtually everything around it. It is well written
  21. It's incredible that you went 200 days without gaming. If you were able to do it in the past, you can do it again and even for longer! All the best! 🙂
  22. It is something I have never done before either. I have not put enough time into it that I got frustrated, but I feel like it is inevitable though I want to finish it just to prove to myself that I can. What's the weather like where you live? Presumably not the ideal color haha. I usually wear full black when I run, but luckily it is not too hot here, so it's okay even in the sun, especially in the morning. Don't worry man. It can be both, or you just need to change things up. Reading is great. In these last few weeks, I have felt that I get a lot more satisfaction from reading compare
  23. It does seem like he is struggling with something himself. I would guess there is an underlying issue that might have stressed him, so he turned to gaming as a form of relief, which he hoped to include you in. When that plan fell apart, that was what brought the raging. I doubt this will affect your friendship too much, considering you haven't used to play together in the past. I think he will just need time. Once he cools down, he will understand why you stopped gaming and that it has nothing to do with him. I would say chess is okay, even board games online are fine, in my opinion, but it is
  24. Damn that's impressive. What do you usually buy and cook to last this long between shops? I struggle to make it over one week on one shop usually haha. I have got a lot better at planning meals nowadays. The lockdown helped partially, as well as quitting gaming did. I proud that I generate next to no waste these days Good job on taking so many pictures and even more on selecting just a few. It is amazing how the outcome of photos can be so drastically affected by different angles, lightning etc.
  25. @Erik2.0 Thanks for the recommendation. That one looks great. I will try it once I finish Initial D. As you said, life happens; no point into forcing yourself into hobbies you don't enjoy at the time, take a break and you can come back to it later. Now that I finished my second coloring, I do not feel like starting another; moreover, I want to get back to the puzzle and finish it soon.