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  1. It is important to find activities that you enjoy and relax you as well. I think I burned out a bit after last week. I am sorry to hear that the abilify didn't work so well. But even you have a shorter day, it is better for it to be stress free. As you said that's how it is with new things, that is always the risk haha. Also if you do not have too many reasons to move out I would say that it is not worth stressing about it too much and more so spending extra money on rent.
  2. I would definitely recommend it as that is something best to deal with as soon as possible. They should not have and spread diseases but it is still quite nasty problem. Thanks, that would be great to see both of us to achieve great things while avoiding gaming. There are still a lot of things that I would like to improve before the application but will see what I manage to achieve before I need to submit it. It always is a lot of effort. But then the easy way is never worth taking. Getting extra three hours might not seem much but that is 21 hours in a week which is almost another day s
  3. Death note is truly a masterpiece. I got two coasters with it (black with Death Note in the specific font) from a friend for christmas which was very nice gift. They are pretty basic but I really like them, match with all the other black items in my room haha. I didn't know that, well good luck with the interviews. May something good come out of it. Hopefully I will manage to get the PhD, if not I will need to apply to some more. When my dog had fleas in the past the thing that helped the best was a special shampoo against them. Good to hear that the bomb worked though, must have been really a
  4. For sure, well you did plan it out all the way to retirement so that will take time. But it's a great thing to have such a long road planned out. Yeah I agree, that sounds like the best way to do it. I am hoping too, would be great to get a move on with the application, but I still need to do my CV and Cover letter so I need to start working on it. I see the process, well good luck with it. That is true, you just need to wait and you might get the thumbs up this time. Do you get fleas in the house usually in winter? That sucks man, I guess that the bomb should work. It is designed for th
  5. Having a clear idea for future is a great way to have something to work for. I realized that when I worked through the self authoring. It is good to use it as a compass to have a direction in which to move. But beware not to burn out too. No worries mate, whatever works for you. If you want to just reply here that is fine too. But we can post on both. Haha, that sounds good, although based on what is happening it might be hard to get petrol cars in few years but we shall see. Thanks, although I am still waiting for one referee to reply to my email if I can use him in my application, I am hopi
  6. It is quite impressive how much further into the future you got things planned out. Although it might be less than what you expect as with more experience and once you get licensed you could make more money and thus reduce the overall time for it. But that is not a bad plan to have this kind of investment in mind with retirement. On top of that retiring when you are 60 is not bad, actually a lot sooner than lof of other people do I would say.
  7. That is true. I would love to have a bigger place for myself. Essentially have at least one extra room that I could use as an office and then have bedroom or a common room with a tv to just have a chill time. Currently in shared house, just having a single room is bit hard for me to designate time to work/fun. On the topic of licensure ... that is awesome, I am happy for you that things are turning for the better. Well doing anything in half the time is no easy feat so keep it up! The blinds are great, makes the contrast on screen much better. I find soundbars too expensive for what they
  8. Congratulations on 1 year without games buddy! That is amazing achievement! Keep up the good work. I am super happy for you. The tv sounds awesome. I would love some bigger screen too, currently all I have is a small laptop screen haha. But well, there is not much space in my student accomodation. How is your progress towards licensure? Well if you get only few hours per job then maybe it might not be such an insane idea to get a fourth one. Either way good luck!
  9. All the best with the lowering of medication. It will be great if you can lower your sleep and still feel rested. I think that it might take some time for your sleep to get back to what it was before meds. But I am sure once the levels of meds in your body lower you will be able to sleep less too. What kind of tv shows are you trying these days?
  10. Welcome to the forums, it is great to hear that you have found my story inspirational. GQ was a great help to me and I do not think that I would be able to stay off games without it. I wish you all the best on your journey of quitting games.
  11. That is true, I have been using this one for quite a while, and I remember how happy I was when I found it because most of the others did not work well with my hair. Yet I still was interested in change. But no point doing that if it still works well. That is good to hear. I always like the saying, "Do what you like, and you won't have to work a single day in your life." It is hard to achieve it, but it is true considering how much time we spend working. I can only imagine how bad it must be for people that work in a job they hate. Oh really? I feel the opposite lately. The days seem to just f
  12. The beginnings are always the hardest, but with a little bit of consistency, everything is possible. I looked back at my first runs, and most of them were not much longer than one mile and even those, for the most part, I have not run in one go. I implemented a lot of walking into it too. If you remember, my habit was called walk/run. Well, it actually still is, but unless I go for a hike, I do not count walking much. I would recommend looking online at some videos on breathing and running form. They helped me a lot, and once I improved those things I was able to run for much longer. That is a
  13. Good stuff! I go through so much water on these warmer days too. Not to mention if you add some exercise and running 64oz will seem like nothing haha. You will! It just takes time, but if you make a habit out of it, the results will come in no time. For me personally, the beginning was probably the biggest struggle, but once I was able to push through it, it got a lot easier to keep running for longer distances. I see. I think it might be worth considering where you will be the happiest with the recliner. Even though it might be a pain to get it down to the basement, it might be bette
  14. That should not happen. I would say that it is worth to look for a better therapist then. You are welcome! Let me know how any of the exercises go. Drinking a lot of water in general is good, hopefully the constipation goes away soon. That's awesome that you are starting running. With small increases like that you will be able to run a lot longer in no time. Good to see you enjoying running :). Sounds like you are settling well into the new house. The set up with tv and recliner sounds great. I used to have a similar set up in basement when I lived with a friend of mine. It was g
  15. I would say, look for a new therapist is the current one is not showing up for your meetings. That is just ridiculous. Why does she do that? Moving can be quite stressful, but you can look at the positives as you mentioned, a bigger room, closer to your office and you can organize your things in a new way. I personally like that, but I am not sure if other so I might be wrong on the last one. All in all, that is not that much water to get through in a day. It is good to hear that it seems to help too, I would say keep the habit going but maybe try to shift it to more water in the morning
  16. I feel you with the neck pain, I have the same problem if I watch TV too big of an angle when I am lying down. Stretching helps a bit, but the only option that I found working consistently was to change the angle regularly or move things around to remove it altogether. One other treatment works well is some kind of heat pack. I use one that is filled with grains, and you just need to microwave it and apply to the affected area. It works wonders, at least for me, but might be worth a try. Good luck with moving. It can be stressful but also quite thrilling to get a organize your room again and c
  17. Getting a good, consistent sleep schedule is not easy but that much more worth it. It might take time but once you get it going it is not that hard to maintain. Good job on progress with other habits, keep it up!
  18. That is awesome that you managed to sell your WoW account. Unfortunately, the accounts are never worth the money that we put into them, not to mention the time that we spent on it, but it is a good feeling to get something in return. In the past, when I tried to quit, I have managed to sell a few league accounts, but it was always quite a hassle, so I just deleted the last one. It was probably worth the more than the older ones, but I just needed to cut the ties at the moment; otherwise, I would end up back playing and possibly changing my mind. Good job on managing to sell your acc in the end
  19. I keep running into the same issue. But if it was able to spend even more hours on gaming and still be able to get through life somehow, it is not impossible. Albeit, there is a limited number of hours in a day, but they are there to be spent. Might as well use them all because once they are gone, they are gone. Time in an odd currency. Its value is equivalent to what you buy with it. That's interesting. I do not think I had the same problem but I cannot say for sure. I think that once I cleared it and then watched different content it has not came back but I might be wrong. If that's
  20. One thing that I would add to this solid advice would be to reset YouTube history, or at least remove any gaming content from there. Without that, I do not think I would be able to use YouTube at all because no matter how my videos, I was not interested in some LoL content always managed to slip in. Their algorithm can be a bitch, but we can make it work for our benefit, reset history, and search topics which will help you on this journey to saturate your feed with them. There is a lot of good content there too, so for me personally, YouTube was the hardest one to deal with because it needs mo
  21. You are welcome. She went to University to study it. I know that she lived in Japan for about a year as well, but I have not been in touch with her for a while now. I am not sure what she is up to now, though. In my opinion it is the best way to interpret it. I would say that a vast percentage of the Bible is written in metaphors. Especially old testament, I mean if it wasn't some of the stories would be truly disturbing. What is more important are the Christian values. Love your neighbor; if everyone tried to live by these rules, the world would be a much nicer place. I think that every
  22. You did deserve the praise because the poem was good. Writing poetry is pretty cool, and even if it might be hard to share it, it is a form of art and people like them, there is nothing to worry about. I think that it is incredible that you reached more than 200 days, as you said it is getting closer to a year, day by day. GQ, and journaling is such a fantastic habit. It is nice that it also brings some stability to your days. I would love to visit Japan someday too. Especially since I started watching a lot of anime, I got intrigued about the Japanese culture. I considered trying to learn the
  23. I can relate to your experience. I often have the same problem. It’s a dangerous situation for me because I am tempted to grab my smartphone and surf mindless the internet. And then it's even harder to sleep. I recommend throwing phone/ other screens as far away from you at possible around bedtime. It was my doom, well it still is, but I try to stop all screen time at least 30 min before sleep. It makes a tremendous difference. Moreover, I would recommend reading if you enjoy it. I am a massive advocate of reading, so I tend to be biased, but I think it is a great hobby to pick up.
  24. That is awesome! I have not read Elastic Habits, but from experience, I found this is the best way to move forward. One of my favorite books on building habits would be Atomic habits by James Clear. From what you mentioned, it seems like there might be many similarities between this and Elastic Habits. I like the comparison of habits to boiling water. To reach the boil, you need to increase the temperature to 100C. That is the point when you see a notable change, but you need to increase the temperature degree by degree until you reach it. If you stop on 99, 98, 97 .... you will so close, yet
  25. When it comes to building habits it is about the small steps, small easily achievable goals that you can improve on from day to day or week to week. Anything more can work as a compass for your journey but it never should be your destination. "Make today a tiny increment better than yesterday!" And you will achieve greatness, there is no one better to compare ourselfs to than our past self.