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  1. It sounds like you really want to put it away but family obligations are stopping you. I would reckon put the Switch into storage/shed while you're on mission and say you're doing it so you don't lose it or have it damaged. Then just forget about it. If anyone asks "Oh, I should get that out sometime." and then don't. If you decide you want to continue using it - perhaps see if there are apps that you can install to help with restrictions? Another helpful thing to do is work out statements. Example: "I am allowed to play on Switch on Mondays from 5-6pm." and then keep a diary of you doing that so if you ever dont do it - you see it yourself and know you need to take a break from it. But mostly, I'd recommend re-reading the "Respawn" book again especially the first few chapters as it talks about finding replacement activities which should be useful for you.
  2. Discord or Microsoft Teams :) (Teams best if you're focusing on little to no video game sthough)
  3. Why not just delete all the games from it or (in my case), find a way to put all those games out of sight? Like in storage shed or such? You know what else an expensive Gaming PC can do besides gaming? Lots! You could set it up to learn how to draw, do music, learn film editing or even animating. In a similar way that little kids find multiple uses for a stick (wand, sword, etc) - do the same with your gaming pc :)
  4. As the titles describes - I'm in a fun position where short courses aren't happening for another 3 months and everyone's busy with families or the work life. My city ain't exactly a bustling scene either. Last time I managed to go to a workshop art thing, there was a horrendous age gap between myself and the other participants. (also two of them are higher ups at work soo yeooouch) Any advice on how to proceed?
  5. Sounds like a good start to the week! Wouldn't recommend hooking up with colleagues - doesn't end well in the long run though great fun at the start from personal experience. If you think you're going to leave that job soon that's another story though. "I did everything I could" is a good philosophy - I hope it serves you well with anything setbacks that you might come across so you can bounce back easily. Keep it up!
  6. There's value in spending time with family so glad to hear you're not too bummed about the studying part of the day. But mostly ouch in regards to the gastritis - I'd be probably be giving up for the rest of day so think its great that you're rolling with the punches and continuing with stuff! Fingers crossed for this next week for you though I'm sure you don't need it
  7. Day 4/30 Objectives completed: Smaller Health Routine Things Had work today that took up most time and spent the rest of the time browsing social media or relaxing on youtube. It was enlightening to notice how I'm spending my time - perhaps the journal isn't so bad? Counter is certainly helping - thanks again @ Lobares Will try reading tonight and hope to pick up a magic tricks book tomorrow at the library so I can find something. Mission: Finish a book before Day 14. Mission: Find something interesting to do on daily commute instead of social media.
  8. A good way to approach it. Glad to hear today was a bit better for you. All the best!
  9. Going walking has really helped me with my anxiety when meditation hasn't worked so totally recommend that if meditation or breath exercises don't help! Read the last few entries and well done for stubbornly resisting the urge for gaming. I'm sure future you will be thankful for all you've done but I'd recommend focusing on what present you is grateful for what past you did instead. Focusing on that means focusing on what you know rather than a possible but unknown future. Good luck!
  10. honestly, that's where I've failed before in the past. So very easy to go "Just 20 more minutes." A good reminder that once I get my rules sorted, I'm going to probably also write them up and put them somewhere I can see so I can guilt myself into doing the right thing. Time blocks seem to be the way to go for me atm as I don't think I'm at a point where I can moderate my time over my kryptonite without blowing it all in one go. I suppose this is the joy of doing similar things in the past - I know at least a few of my failings. Day 3/30 Objectives Completed: Bedsheets changed, clothes washed, rubbish taken out, took the dog for a walk, shower Still Working On: Rules of Time Usage for Devices + Working out Mentally Engaging, Resting and Social Activities.
  11. Impressive, NesteaDrinker! I hope to get back into drawing and maybe make it a career so your diary is cool to read! :)
  12. I think you're a great example of the saying "Fall 6 times, get up 7." The fact you've already looked into studying methods really shows off your capability and adaptability! :) In my opinion, the education system in any country is a big culprit for low standards and giving up. Most tests and assignments literally go "You failed? That's it. No do-over." when in real life, it's so much more different. If you're working, your boss isn't going to fire you because you didn't complete a task well (though they may get pretty pissed off). Perhaps the education system isn't to blame but I think society has got to ask - is the education system helping people develop a positive or a growth mindset? Sorry to hear that you're not feeling the motivation today - that sucks. Hope tomorrow is better
  13. You're doing great, keep at it! :) :) As for the daydreaming - I wouldn't stress too much. The latest research shows that daydreaming can lead to greater success in the long run. Below is from a web article that summed it up pretty well. I hope you find it useful. Good luck with your next milestone! You got this!! "...For decades, experts assumed that when we daydreamed, our brains were dormant. But in fact, "when you give people nothing to do but let their minds drift, certain parts of the brain become even more active," says Jonathan Schooler, a psychology professor at the University of California–Santa Barbara. A 2009 study that Schooler worked on showed that when individuals were given fMRI scans (the kind that measures blood flow to the brain) during periods of mind-wandering, two pathways lit up: the so-called default network, the part of the brain associated with emotionally loaded thought, and the executive network, the region used to engage in focused mental activity. In other words, when we daydream, it's the rare time when our touchy-feely and taskmaster minds are both "on," and the combination can yield powerful results...."
  14. Day 2/30 To be honest, I'm not prepared to cut myself fully off from games as the Respawn book recommends doing. At least, not just yet. (I have mad respect for those that have chosen that path though!) So instead, I'm going to tweak the steps in the book to suit what I hope to achieve. I've just read Chapter 2 and am interested in the "barriers" to video games. I think it's true what it says about there being little to no barriers to playing video games so I'm going to create some. I'm going to put restrictions on my phone and my computer for the first 3 hours of the day so I can't access my usual time stealers. My computer is set up in my room, so I'm going to disconnect the keyboard and put it away when I go to bed tonight. I'll continue to experiment with different ways to create barriers though if anyone's got any ideas - please let me know! At this point, my only goal is to make my room tidier and go out walking more often. I have done a little bit of cleaning up today - it's not as much as I hoped but it's a start!
  15. ooh counter idea sounds good - much thanks! Didn't even consider that! Brilliant and thank you! :D