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  1. When I go for walks I will walk on the grass when I see other people to give more space between us. I usually walk in uncrowded rural neighborhoods if I can. The only exception is there's this metal bar that I do rows on so I kind of have to walk past a few people to get to that. I'm glad you're exercising and resolving conflict with a preference towards speaking gently. Sounds like good things.
  2. @BooksandTrees Thanks so much for your dating advice. I think it's all good stuff. I especially liked the section on photos. Match.com cost like $45 a month if you buy one month 35 if you buy three. That's kind of a lot of money for me while I'm earning so little as I am now. I'd still do it if I got good results on Match.com. But like @ceponatia I've always felt like dating sites destroyed my self-esteem and I just felt kind of unhappy being on them in general. Maybe I could meet a girl in person. Poetry group might actually happen for me once corona virus is over. The meetup listed that a lot of girls go to that meetup. Maybe God will smile upon me and bless me with a girlfriend. I try to stay positive while not counting my eggs before they've hatched. I'll try to enjoy living my life until then too. I've been drawing and writing poetry more regularly. Along with reading those are the things I do in the daytime to prevent myself from just watching anime all day. Once I'm back to work I would probably only have time for like one episode of something a day, which I could live with. Especially as I watch a lot with clients. I'm sorry to ask you again for advice. But, when you said, 'I think it'd be better for Erik to meet someone in person.' That is probably a better option for me. Do you have any advice for meeting girls in person? I tried reading the literature on it, but it made me feel too aggressive and stuff. I like being really calm and almost passive. So when the books tell me to be dominant and aggressive it turns me off and I stop reading because I don't want it to make me get angry. Thank you.
  3. @ceponatia @Phoenixking You guys are awesome! Yes go for walks it's good for you. Even just getting outside is really helpful for mental health. I went and did a few sets of squats in my backyard and feel so much better now. 🙂 @Marek I heard Konosuba is awesome from someone else too. I'll see if it's on Netflix. Good for you running. Keep it up Husein Bolt. Maybe I'll progress to running someday. For now I'm happy walking. Day 134 NF 5 Np 88 Med 74 Positive post: I drank over a liter of water, did sixty air squats and enjoyed being outside. I think getting just over a liter of water a day is good enough for me. I'm always happy when I finish my 40oz bottle. Doing three sets of twenty squats is a lot for me. I felt all groggy, but when I went to the lawn in my backyard to do squats. I felt a lot more energy and did them all. It makes me want to try and do more exercises out there. It's not the most even ground, but I can kind of make it work. My therapist told me to spend time outside and so I spent some time just standing out in the sun today. It made me feel a lot better especially doing some squats out there. I've been fighting with my mom because she pushes me really hard to work harder and harder at my career. Then I get upset at her for being so mean while pushing me. It's really upsetting to think about. She just doesn't care if she hurts my feelings as long as she pushes me to work. She thinks it justifies upsetting me. I wish I could make her understand that it's not okay to hurt my feelings even if it's to try and further my career. But I guess I don't have the power to change others. So I'm just going to not talk to her much about my career if at all. Then she can't freak out and push me towards it in a way that makes me want to die. Seriously it makes me want to die having her be mean and push me like she did two days ago. It's worth it to me to avoid the emotional distress that was recently caused to me. Even if that means that I won't have my mom's advice and help in my career. Which she has been helpful in just also very harmful too. On gratitude. I'm grateful for my community here. For all the exercises I can do. Exercising makes me so much happier and satisfied with life. Even if I can't do a lot of heavy weight lifting. Just doing push ups and knee raises makes me happy. Especially when I'm able to do more than I did last week. And for all the lamps in my house. They keep things nice and hygge. My mom, dad, money, house, rent free living, and free food. Thanks mom. You give me lots of things for free that I wouldn't be able to afford on my own. Without you I'd probably be totally broke and not have made it as far in my career as I have. Even though you're too mean to me when you push me to work at my career. You have helped me get my career going a lot better than if I didn't have you I think. I smiled at my client 🙂 I accomplished doing 60 squats ya! I'm going to keep my gratitude list in the main body of the text like I did in this entry so I can expand on the things I'm grateful for. God bless Erik
  4. I've probably been off porn for at least a few months. What resources do you suggest for getting better at getting dates with women? I get almost 0 dates when I use apps and never meet anyone in person. I think hobbies are kind of a struggle because you don't see progress very quickly. So then it's just about making it a habit and staying consistent to keep it goin.
  5. Puzzles are cool. It's a nice way to do something without a laptop around.
  6. Day 133 NF 4 Np 87 Med 73 Positive post: I'm back on meds, I talked to my psychiatrist and I'm walking everyday. They say that walking or getting any exercise 15+ minutes a day is really good for making you happier. It's a good antidepressant. So I'm happy that I'm walking regularly now. I'm grateful that my mom got me walking because I think it's good for my mental health. I've been doing at least 5000 steps a day on average. Sometimes closer to 10k. I'm grateful for WhytManga and @Laurie who showed me his channel. I learned some good things from his tutorials. It feels like I'm barely progressing at all, but I have faith that if I just keep drawing each day I'll get better over time. I'm grateful for the slight edge which is helping me see how important things like focusing on the positive and gratitude are. Watching Saiki K is really enjoyable for me. I sit there with a smile on my face and laugh at the jokes. Even if I'm not in a good mood before I watch it it puts me in a good mood after. The jokes are really funny. I'm trying out gratitude journaling. Just journaling things that I'm grateful for. Seems kind of nice, they recommended it in the slight edge. I smiled at Saiki K. I accomplished seeing a client. I am grateful for my mom, walking, saiki, Laurie, whytmanga, the slight edge, my orange eraser, black mechanical pencil, kindle and remote control. God bless Erik
  7. hey, I recommend continuing to quit gaming after the detox. It's usually for the best to just stop completely. Your brothers will get used to you stopping gaming. You can let them know you're doing this game quitters thing and you're not gaming anymore.
  8. @Marek Well if they're not illegal then I guess it's okay. It does suck that you can't get everything you want on one streaming service. Like Naruto and Dragon ball are always separate. I'm trying to save money too. I'm graduated so I have debt. I'm still in the process of seeing if I like any of these anime. I'm kind of picky and usually go for comedy anime's. Exercise is good when you are able to do it. I tried to squat today and my legs got all crampy. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Day 132 NF 3 Np 86 Med 72 Positive post: I feel good about nofapping, I did get some exercise today, It's nice weather out. I'm feeling pretty full from some curry and brown rice. We've been cooking every day since the quarantine. It's going well to save money. No gas and no eating out means I'm saving everything I earn. Also I'm getting my hours in with Telehealth. I feel kind of woozy and out of it. I was super awake last night for some reason and couldn't get to sleep. I Guess I'm supposed to get up and read something if that happens. I'm honestly kind of tired of monitoring how I'm feeling. I'm trying more to just do what I want to do and keep trying. Just to not obsess over what I'm feeling, but to recognize it and move on. The cherry blossom trees are really nice outside. I've been going on walks almost everyday and it's good to get to see some nature. Although I'm really introverted and don't feel that comfortable walking with other people. I'm just scared that quitting meds won't work. I'll go crazy. I'll feel tired or not able to sleep. etc. But god's in control. Everything will be okay. I'll just keep doing the best I can to take care of myself and that's all that I can do. I smiled at my weights because it's fun to workout. I accomplished doing three ab exercises. I am grateful for weights, exercise, muscle building, body building, chargers, digital books, tv, plants, rocks and pots. God bless Erik
  9. I watch a lot of tv lately too. Maybe we could both use some time reading books. Even if they're digital books off hoopla.
  10. Yeah do some pull ups with that resistance band thing to assist if needed.
  11. @BooksandTrees Yeah that last streak of 90 days was the best I ever did. I kind of started thinking that it was better to masturbate. But after doing it I realized I preferred no fap. It's more like peaceful and time efficient. I felt like I had more energy. Day 131 NF 2 Np 85 Med 71 Positive post: I went for a nice walk with my mom, I saw two clients and I looked up shows to watch. Okay, short post today. I'm trying to squeeze in a little tv with mom before I go meditate and sleep. I can probably only watch one episode of a show. Or I can go to sleep half an hour late that'll probably be it. I'm feeling like I have more energy and need less sleep since I lowered my medication dosage. I'm hoping I'll be able to fully get off risperdol and it will improve my sleep/energy a lot. Really hoping on that. My emotions have been more sensitive and it's a little harder to just get by mentally though since lowering the meds. So I'll see what happens. Maybe I'll end up keeping just one of the original three pills going and see how that fares for me. I smiled at my clients. I accomplished drinking lots of water. I am grateful for cheese, turkey, tomato, avocado, mustard, sandwiches, blankets, pillows, socks and feet. God bless Erik
  12. @Marek Cool I'll probably try that book out. I heard those sites are like semi-illegal or sketchy in some way so I avoided them. Idk if they actually are. I'm glad you're liking Sanderson and thanks for the anime list note taken. Maybe I'll warm back up to fantasy who knows. I really like my days on the couch. I get up to exercise once a day so that's something I'm not a total potato. Day 130 NF 1 Np 84 Med 70 Positive post: I'm restarting my nofapping, I went for a walk and I read for two hours. Yes I decided I prefer to nofap rather than to masturbate. I think it's just better for my energy and state of mind overall. Plus it's one less thing to think about or do. It's too bad I have to restart the counter when it was at 90 days+, but that's okay. At least now I'm more certain that I want to do nofap. I like that it seems more in line with what the Bible's saying to do. I went for a walk now I'm kind of tired. I'm decreasing medication to hopefully regain some energy and sleep stuff. We'll see how that goes. If I feel I have more energy later maybe I'll do a little yoga. I'd like to memorize a series and do it regularly. I did an interesting exercise with my friend where we plotted out a soulmate sort of thing. I think it's good and I'll do my best to keep practicing it. I think I'm going to try to write some poems just to do something and connect with my friend who does it. If you know any good poets to recommend for reading let me know. I smiled at my book models, kind of funny sometimes. I accomplished getting up on time. I am grateful for god, my future wife, reading, intellectual stimulation, GQ, food, cooking, air, water and my kitchen. I hope everyone's kicking butt today. God bless Erik
  13. I'm surprised you keep all that data on yourself. You must be pretty savvy with some software to do that. What's your body fat%. I'm at 185lbs ~9% body fat, but I still feel like I have some fat to lose to get back to as lean as I was before I got on risperdol (causes weight gain). I see you're eating below 2000 calories looks like that really helped with the weight loss. I'm not that motivated to lose weight personally because my body fat is already low. Maybe I could benefit from dieting and losing some weight though. It would make chinups easier and maybe I could lose my bit of tummy fat. I hope drumming goes well for you.
  14. 'We like to have passions and not be mediocre.' I like this point of view. I like to live with at least one passion in mind. It makes me feel alive.
  15. Go Amira, we're all cheering for you.
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