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  1. Hi! Great post thank you for your reply. It sounds like you’ve excelled in increasing your comfort zone and overcome some negative beliefs that weren’t true about yourself? Either way, good job being seven months off. I’ll try to post again. It’s been about ten days for me now. How did you get into your hobbies? What are they? Erik
  2. Hello, It’s 11/14/19 and I decided to recommit to quit today after just thirty minutes of gaming. I was having a hard time dealing with the fact that I’m 31 and single. I’ve wanted to be stable with someone forever so it’s dismaying for me. I just feel like it’s really difficult for me to find someone. I have a job but haven’t saved much money. I’m kind of thin and don’t have the best skin. And I have schizoaffective disorder. That’s a combination of depression and schizophrenia. It means I’m at risk for getting depressed and sometimes have delusions that people are out to get me. My therapist recommended me to a group for people who are chronically mentally ill because I was continually having suicidal ideation for months while working with her. I’ve really got to continue with that group. Anyways. Things didn’t workout with a couple of romantic prospects and I got pretty down. Then I was playing a game and realized. “Playing isn’t making me feel better. It’s making me feel worse.” That led me back on here and now I’m adding to the forums. I've never been an online poster, I don’t even use social media. But for some reason this site has given me the power to quit gaming when I felt completely hopeless. When I get paid I’m thinking I’ll try to complete the respawn guide. If you read my intro you know I’ve been on vacation trying to quit again. It’s hard, it hurts and I’m not really sure what my identity is. “Who am I?” Is a question I’m trying to answer now. I am a Christian. I workout, I practice yoga and mindfulness. I love to read, especially the Bible. I love my family and even though it’s challenging for me to get along with them sometimes. I keep trying. I’m a counselor and I hope to become a licensed therapist some day. I used to be a gaming addict. I just feel like my whole life is at risk when I play a game for even a second. It’s a pretty intense reality, but I think it’s true for any gaming addict. The only solution for me is to stop gaming for life. Erik
  3. Hello, I am Erik. I have struggled like crazy to quit gaming. I have been an on and off gaming addict since I was six years old. I thought MARIO and Pokémon were normal kid activities. But by the time I was twelve gaming was taking over my life. I got addicted to alcohol and marijuana when I was sixteen and didn’t get clean till 27. Only recently after playing LoL until I felt like I was going to feint. And listening to someone talk about their addiction for hours in group therapy. I went three months without gaming as recommended by this site then tested to see if I could moderate gaming. The answer I’ve come to is no. I can’t moderate gaming. After gaming under an hour a day for a few days I found myself experiencing intense cravings. I’ve been relapsing and quitting again for a couple weeks since then. For some reason watching anime or animated tv triggers gaming cravings for me. I just can’t watch animated stuff. I was doing good on my family vacation, about five days clean. Then I saw something that resembled Mexican Simpson’s on tv. Just a few minutes of that led to watching anime and gaming on my phone. Here I am two days later playing under an hour each day, but feeling totally addicted. I could tell that I was already slipping when I stopped using a timer and started playing the game “whenever”. I’m just upset that I’ve fallen back into gaming yet again. It feels impossible sometimes to stop. I feel like the odds are against me. My friend plays in moderation and at my job I counsel two people who are ultra heavy gamers. They clock around six plus hours a day. Sometimes that’s just normal for them. They’re always trying to get me to play with them and play games in general. Regardless of if they’re addicts. (They probably are). I need to get myself together here and quit gaming once and for all. If there’s one thing I’ve learned on this vacation it’s that I can’t watch animated tv or play video games. These things drive me crazy. I thought I could quit without this site, but it’s been proving impossible to do so. I didn’t want to use this site because I try to spend as much time off of screens as I can, but I think gamequitters may be my best chance at quitting gaming for good. It was only after reading some articles by Cam that I was able to Delete my games and stop gaming for those three months . Writing this makes me feel better. I feel like I can do this. My supervisors an ex gaming addict, does the same job I do and doesn’t game. Playing board games and card games is kind of suspect for me too, but that’s encouraged at my job to connect with clients. I’ll see if I can do those safely. I completed the “how to quit gaming in college” free guide. I still think about the SMART goals I set for myself. Lift 165 on the squat bench and deadlift and save 3000$ Within three months. Make a girlfriend in six months. Trying to make a girlfriend is crazy hard, but I’ll leave that topic for my journal entry. God help us all quit gaming. Amen. Erik
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