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  1. I always feel good after a night's sleep. The hardest part for me lately was actually falling asleep. I've been using breathing meditation when I get into bed to keep my mind clear to fall asleep. It's been helping....
  2. I look forward to hearing how your employees work out tomorrow.
  3. Anytime you get to South Carolina, @Shine Magical, we'll go to the gym. ? Day 79/90 Had a talk with my wife about next week's logistics, paperwork, etc. I could tell my losing weight has made a difference but not enough to change things but's all good. I told her I didn't like it, I didn't want it but I accept it. She even mentioned that who knows, we might reconnect in the future and could always get remarried. It was sad but I've taken it well. I think I've already gone through the acceptance process after our meeting with the priest a few months ago. And I think I'm emotionally invested in my life changes, etc., to sustain me. I can't believe tomorrow I'll be in the 80s days! Gratitude 1. Feeling emotionally stronger 2. Our dog is feeling better 3. Having hope
  4. You have artistic talent that's for sure. ?
  5. That's great that you got out of your comfort zone and interacted with people. That's what I need to work on!
  6. Only if by losing the weight, she accepts that I'm not the same person I used to be, who hurt her trust by my eating and other habits. She always said she found me attractive no matter how much I weighed.
  7. Hi, dahan, you're really brave for taking on this challenge. I hope to support you. I'm a long time PC gamer and I cried many nights after I quit gaming.
  8. Oh wow you're embarking on life's next adventure. Gaming can't hold a candle to that.
  9. Not much of a dancer myself but I know how good physical activity can make you feel. ?
  10. Quote by Hitaru: I can't believe @Mettermrck didn't say anything. The shame...! Yeah I was off my game on that one. ?
  11. Good job Daniel. I know that must have been difficult deleting your old gaming stuff. I've gotten that nostalgic feeling too sometimes. If it's real powerful, I'll back off and come back another time.
  12. Day 78/90. Today was a pretty typical day. Work and gym, etc. I've been debating about meditation. I like it but in small doses, say 10 minutes or less. But all the websites I visit for tips and such recommend 20 minutes twice a day and that's hard to fit in my schedule. Just do what I can do, I suppose. But I hate that OCD feeling that you're not doing it right, you're not doing it well. Gratitude 1. Air conditioning. This summer is murder. 2. My job and benefits. 3. Reading
  13. Yes even the old games you didn't like so much became appetizing the longer you're on detox. ?
  14. Doesn't sound like too bad of a day, right? That's encouraging...
  15. I just realized you're posting 5x today. You're a beast. I might not be able to have 5 constructive responses though. ?
  16. It's definitely an adjustment going from lethargy to activity....hey that rhymed! ?
  17. I'm not sure what I'd be offended by....?...you're doing great with a positive attitude and you're always supporting others.
  18. I think you have a good minimalist approach. I've never counted everything that I own but I try to digitize as much as I can too.
  19. That's a good atittude...yes, you can spin anything to your advantage in a job interview. Anything negative becomes a "learning opportunity" or a "chance for constructive feedback". Good job! ?
  20. You've got the guts to take on the world, Vlad!
  21. Keep going, eshi! Nine days is awesome...
  22. Start distancing yourself now and then see how you feel in a few days and weeks. Then you can decide if you want to sell your stuff or not.
  23. Congrats on signing your first employee! I know that's a little relief for you. ?
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