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  1. Sounds like you're doing well, sir. Keep it up! ?
  2. Day 81/90 You guys have great advice as always. Yes, I can't dwell on her long term. I've come so far in almost three months and a lot of it has come about as soul searching brought on by being separated and contemplating a new life without her. I guess a lot of success has come because I've had the space to figure out what I really want and go after it. Today was nice. Met a friend for breakfast (a restaurant this time, not McDonald's so less temptation). We talked about history, politics, and religion. It was fun. We had a nice talk and it felt good to be out with other people. Still dealing with the "moderation fairy" on my shoulder but I just know if I give in, I'll game instead of going to the gym or working on my podcast. That WILL NOT happen on my watch. Gratitude 1. Interacting with friends 2. Working on my interesting project 3. Excited about the future
  3. Good to see you again, SpiNips! Autumn can be a beautiful season too in nature.
  4. Glad you had a good run, Zala...keep it up! I feel so great when I finish at the gym. ?
  5. Oh yes I dream of visiting Europe. You can't be a history buff and not want to see the places you've only read about! ?
  6. Porn is an absolute tough one for me. I find I have better success not looking at porn but not sweating the fapping if it happens. I consider it a moral victory of sorts...not the ideal, but an improvement.
  7. That sounds cool just walking alone in the forest. Very tranquil, I imagine.
  8. Not having traveled around the world (yet), I'll leave it to others to answer the question about American culture and liberation. ?
  9. I notice when I'm doing better with my personal development, I tend to do better with socializing. When I'm messing up, I tend to take the guilt out on others or just stay away from them. Sounds like you're doing much better! ? Thanks for your kind words, btw.
  10. It's not easy to get out of your comfort zone, which has been gaming. But at least you're aware of it and are working on it. ?
  11. I've thought about Toastmasters. They have a local club and it might be a way to get out and meet people and work on my self confidence.
  12. I'm glad your new employees are working out. You have great ambitious plans and I'm impressed. Removing gaming from your life has really lit a fire under you! ?
  13. @Daniel, No kids which probably makes this process easier I guess. Just pets. @giblets Yeah I've already moved on in my heart after our meeting with the priest. I don't take anything she says seriously. I don't mean that in a rude sense..but my whole focus has turned to the changes in my life. I try not to hang on her words now. I need to strengthen my own sense of self worth. Day 80/90. Wow, offically 80. I never realized how long 80 days was until now hehe. It's been worth it though. Wife called and we talked about divorce paperwork. Everything's being done amicably and there's not a lot of property to split up so this process is cheap and easy. We talked about some good memories and stuff but it still hurts a little. I'll probably get the paperwork at some point next week. So this week coming up will probably suck a little emotionally Thank goodness for my life changes. If I wasn't losing weight and keeping away from the games and porn, I would probably be lost right now. I can hang my hat on that. With 80 days comes that "moderation" voice on my shoulder. Do I want to or do I not? I say no, not with the divorce happening and this emotional turmoil coming at me. I wouldn't be strong enough and I know that. I can't say forever but I can say "not now". Gratitude 1. Can hopefully be healthy friends with my wife 2. Getting to know people at work 3. Had my boss tell me I was showing tremendous willpower with my weight loss.
  14. Glad to see you back posting gib. I completely understand the thoughts about gaming especially as I approach 90 days.
  15. That's good that your cravings have gone down. Way to go!
  16. Not much I can add to what Big Pete had to say. We're here to support you! ?
  17. At least with a class it's a structured environment and you know what to do, what's expected, etc. It's free form social gatherings like parties that are tough for me.
  18. Good thinking...I started at 5 minutes walking and now I'm up to an hour...I just added 5 mins every week and your body adjusts without muscle pains, etc.
  19. Hey, congratulations, Mhyrion! ?
  20. If I could do it over again, I'd pick a cheaper public university. Unless you're going into a specialist field, I found the public university to be just as good as the private school and more diverse too.
  21. I like the public speaking workshop, Daniel. I did a lot of public speaking in school and I always enjoyed it. I'm hoping my weight loss helps with my self-confidence and gives me opportunities to get into it again. 1800 cal is pretty close to my daily target too....
  22. When are you moving, Zeeko? A new life awaits you! ?
  23. Sleep is so valuable for you. I'm glad you're resting well!
  24. Glad you made it to 10 days, mithras. I'm pleased to see your progress so far! ?
  25. I think something deep inside of you wants something more than a comfortable life and plenty of time to game. The detox will give you a chance to really think about what your goals are. I'm impressed that you were able to quit like that! ?
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