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  1. Budgeting is an excellent discipline. One thing I appreciate about letting go of bad habits (gaming, eating out) is the money I save. Now I actually have money set aside for things I actually need. Glad you're doing better with the money! ?
  2. That's good to hear, Oct. I played a lot of D&D in my youth and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm glad you've found a healthy creative outlet. That bodes well for you...
  3. Yes videos of games can feed cravings. I've found this to be a struggle as well.
  4. I'm the same way...I can be OCD about finishing a game even if it's not that great. I'm the same way about finishing reading mediocre books too actually. I think you're off to a great start, ninja. Post as much as you can!
  5. Ah, ok. Thanks for clarifying that about your wife. I didn't mean to get the wrong impression. Decluttering is awesome! I'm not an official minimalist but I'm sympathetic with it. Glad your online debate is almost over. ?
  6. Nothing wrong with grand dreams. Mine don't extend to cars but definitely to travel, weight, and income.
  7. Hi, Happycat, welcome! You've made a good choice starting your detox.
  8. Thanks for the advice, Chris. Yes, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to cooking so I'd like to start with something nice and basic...and economical. You have a lot of creative outlets...music and gardening. I'm sorry you're feeling lonely...I get that way a lot, though not as much as my detox has progressed. Hang in there!
  9. Oh that voice sounds very familiar. I try to have a counter-voice, the one that says "all this progress wouldn't have been possible if you still played games." In time, if you don't relapse, that tempting voice will starve and talk less. ?
  10. Day 61/90. Wow 293.0 lbs today, a 3 lb weight loss. That was actually a bit scary as I'm trying not to lose weight too fast. No more than 2 lbs/wk is ideal for me. But things happen and I'm not complaining that much haha. So I was 318 on May 28th and I started this process right on June 1st. So that's 25 lbs so far! I'm thinking that I don't want to go back to games while I'm losing weight. Nothing must be allowed to sabotage this all important process. And since I figure it'll take me 1-2 yrs to do this, that's a good post-detox milestone right there. I was talking to my counselor and friends about eating more fruit and the dangers of added sugar vs natural sugar. My counselor says eat more fruit and I'm in his camp. I need the energy boost in the afternoon and after workouts. One friend keeps dropping gloomy hints about limiting and eventually cutting out all sugar. I just held up my banana and cried: "From my cold dead hands!" Sigh...sugar nazi. ? I had a great birthday dinner with my Mom. She was surprised at how many of her senior center friends showed up and that they gave her gifts too. It was sweet and I think she felt less isolated and more loved. I was real happy about that. Gratitude 1. My Mom has nice friends 2. Weight is still falling off 3. I am grateful that I have more hope for my life now.
  11. You could try having some activities ready for the holidays and a schedule. Find out things you're going to be doing that'll keep you busy and plan them out ahead of time. Then you'll be ready when the urges strike.
  12. Sounds like good progress, Jess. Keep it up!
  13. Those sound like great plans. I know you'll achieve them because you're dedicated! What's NLP?
  14. Now why do you think you still avoid your wife, even without the games? Other issues? My wife (for another 24 days sigh) used to tell me "what's in it for me?" when I would try to quit something. I could still be self-absorbed, even without the usual suspect habits.
  15. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    Why are you taking typing lessons? Is it for school or a job skill? I've heard Cam talk about paying attention to the skill you're learning and not the test itself.
  16. Day 60/90. Whee, two thirds of the way through. Who would have ever thought that 60 days was such a long time or that someone could get so much done in that timeframe? I feel better about the soda and porn. I watched @Cam Adair's video with Nicholas Bayerle and it was really encouraging. The way he slowly turned his health around one step at a time reminds me of my own path. And he said he had relapsed for 20 days himself. And that made me feel much better and ready to get down on it. I'm ready for a new moment. I've been adapting stuff from Miracle Morning and The Slight Edge. So I have my life goals and vision and today I started reading my affirmations to get to these goals. Just have to keep moving. Today is my mother's 70th birthday and I plan to take her out for a nice meal. Hopefully that'll make her feel loved Gratitude 1. My mom 2. This community, full of good ideas and encouragement 3. Friends who I can ask stupid questions
  17. I find the smartphone to be more distracting than gaming ever was. It's like it's glued to my hand.
  18. I think that's why I've been musing long term about switching from walking to running. There seems to be more events and milestones associated with the latter. But I'm waiting until I'm lighter before I make the decision to avoid injury.
  19. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    Yes, I had troubles with not using food as a reward. For me, I love to read, especially now that I don't game and have lots of free time. So I reward myself by buying a book or two every time I get paid.
  20. @Vlad, yeah I went through an Ayn Rand phase in college...Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, you name it. I think she glorifies classic capitalism myself. Haven't really paid attention since. ?
  21. The library is a great place to get out and pass the time. It's quiet and air-conditioned and usually have comfortable plush seats. ?
  22. Old 2005 strategy game sounds right up my neck of the woods. I played the first 5 Civs on PC. Yeah I know I might get an occasional weight gain from random muscleness. It happens. ?
  23. Emo sounds a lot like Goth, but purple instead of black. ?
  24. Ok, I confess to being older haha. What is emo? I've seen the term around. I do remember watching early anime growing up..I'm talking Robotech and Voltron. ?
  25. That's awesome, Vlad! That jet flight sounds like a blast and you had a good time. Good for you!
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