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  1. Day 67/90, wow! Must feel pretty good to be so close to the mark Nofap is something i've heard is only useful for people who are really, really addicted to porn - like fapping multiple times a day. For others maybe once a week is alright, but never to actual porn of course.
  2. You must be right. I mean look at how popular super hero movies are, it's always the loner who takes on the world (spiderman, batman, you name it). But then there's team-up movies too like avengers, so who knows!
  3. I'm considering selling it Vlad. God knows I could use the money right now too. But man... haha, that's gonna be hard. It would feel like a part of me died if I sold that thing. Which probably indicates it needs to happen. Gonna really think hard about it tonight. Once it's gone and outta here it won't matter how bad I want to game.
  4. Day 3 I've almost made it through 72 hours without gaming. But I was damn tempted to game tonight, and still am to be honest. Was out with some coworkers after work, having some drinks and playing pool, and I got home a bit tipsy and just had this intense desire to blow shit up. Partly because I didn't think I could focus on anything in this state other than games. I had the console all set up and had fired it up, but I just sat with the controller in my hand and didn't start the game (doesnt count I hope? :X), and I just had this deep feeling of anxiety and sadness go through me. I quickly put the controller down and pressed the power button. A couple reasons why I convinced myself to not go through with it and turned it off, was that number 1: I knew if I didn't play tonight then I'd officially hit the 72 hour mark. And 2: I was thinking about this coworker of mine that was out tonight, a chick i've had a huge crush on, but who is taken, and just thought about how much of a loser she would probably think of me if she knew I played video games. It's probably not the healthiest reason not to play, but it got me through another night, so whatever works! But i've got to admit, i'm not sure how long I can hold this demon down. It almost had me. 90 days is gonna be tooooooouuuughhh.......
  5. Hehe, you're definitely stronger than me in that regard, getting rid of my ps4 is not something i'd be able to do atm. I've taken pictures before and put it up for sale, then after an hour or so I quickly ran and found my phone and ended the listing after thinking to myself "What have I done???". It's tough but you've taken a huge step for sure.
  6. mtninja

    Relapse :(

    I second Audiobooks as being a good alternative to actual reading when you're tired. And with those you can even go for a walk and just go relax somewhere away from home. But changing your environment in a big way is perhaps what you need to get that extra motivation to quit. Keep trying, as many times as it takes!
  7. day 0 I'm probably not going to update this daily but these journals do seem like a good idea! After joining the gamequitters movement about a week ago I had committed to doing the 90 day detox but have had several failed starts. The latest one went on for 2-3 days, and it was after I had relapsed during a tough week at work and bought a new game, deciding that I was only going to play on friday's and weekends. At first, the game was new and exciting and I couldn't stop thinking about playing it, but after a few sessions I just got extremely bored of it, as the gameplay was getting repetitive (fetch quests and bland storytelling). This was when I started getting mad at myself - why am I playing this game that I don't even like? Sure it has impressive graphics. But the game isn't even that good! This morning I put the game up for sale on my eBay account, and packed my PS4 up for probably the 5th time in 2 weeks and shoved it back in my closet. One thing i've noticed after this experience is that 90% of the games I used to play fall into this category of not being that good or fun after a while, and yet I commit to playing them all the way through just to say that I 'beat it'. This is ridiculous. I can understand if it's a once-in-a-generation game like a Zelda or a Witcher, but this was an above average slog at best
  8. Hi everyone. I'm new to Game Quitters which I found on YouTube, and have decided to commit myself to the 90 day detox. I've been playing games pretty hardcore since I was 17, and now i'm 32 and have already lost the best years of my life. For several years, i've tried to game in 'moderation'... 'just a couple hours a day', weekends only, etc etc. But it never works. If you give these things an inch they will take a mile. I believe that now. In order to be successful i've put my entire game collection for sale up on eBay, and have boxed up my console and tucked it away in my closet. Maybe after the 90 days I will feel confident enough to bring it out again, but my main focus now is to make it through these 90 days without fail. I don't have time left to mess this up, so wish me luck! And glad to finally be here!
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