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  1. Well, if you have a Macbook as a work computer, then you could conceivably sell your PC.
  2. Actually, I was the opposite. I was isolated from friends because of gaming. I think if they're really your friends, they'll understand and support you.
  3. I like being too tired to mess up as well, especially if you've worn yourself out with productive activity.
  4. I guess to figure out whether it's the voice or reason or fear, think about why you chose the Army in the first place. What were your reasons? Then think about whether they're still valid. Hang in there!
  5. Wow , I enjoyed that parable. You never know what tomorrow truly brings.
  6. Sleeplessness was a big symptom when I first detoxed. I think 5 hours was a max and I preferred sleeping on the couch so I could be around other people. If you hang in there, these symptoms will ease. I too experienced bullying in school and I was also hooked on single player PC gaming.
  7. The gym will eventually be more stimulating to you as you lose the "brain memory" of gaming. As you detox, other activities will gradually regain their level of excitement and interest for you. For me it was reading. I loved to read when I was younger. When I quit gaming, books were more of a chore. Now I devour books! Hang in there and let the withdrawal work. You're doing great, Daniel! ?
  8. You can always start small and basic with exercise before you move just to establish the habit. You can walk outside or do something in your home, something easily ansferable to Sydney. Once you're moved, you can think about a gym if you like.
  9. Welcome back, Ahmed. I'm very sorry to hear about your mother but I'm glad you're back. As a 41 year old on my gaming detox journey, I definitely agree that it's not too late. You have a lot going for you and are capable of awesome achievement!
  10. You are a machine, Vlad. I expect you to write your own book and have your own YouTube channel on achieving success in five years. ?
  11. Yuck I hope you feel better soon! ?
  12. Thanks, @Hitaru yes I've always been fascinated by his role during the Revolution. It'll be a great chapter. @HappyCat, it's not launched yet, but my target is by next year. I guess as some people love cooking, gardening, programming, etc., my passion has always been history since I was a kid. Day 66/90. I think my gaming detox has turned into a countdown of sorts, as the number of days left gets smaller. I'll be continuing on to 365 days, following in the footsteps of @giblets, but 90 days is still something to look forward to. I think I've finally turned the corner again on the porn. It was like wrestling a beast back into its cage. And it wasn't some victory of willpower either. I just felt...calm....and...ready again. And then I could avoid it yesterday. Hopefully I've learned some lessons from it. I read a lot of good info in Gary Wilson's website from a scientific and secular perspective. Now I need to wrestle soda/fast food back into its cage. I can see the differences, good and bad, in my life when I remove or indulge these habits. Gratitude 1. An old friend bought my mother a plane ticket yesterday to see my brother at Christmas 2. The pleasure of simple conversation. The catching up is done, now you're just talking about regular stuff. 3. Muscles that feel like jello after a workout because I know I've worked them.
  13. The first few days are the roughest. Keep pushing through it and the withdrawal symptoms will ease up for you.
  14. I am impressed at how well organized you are alternative activities and long term goals. It took me weeks of gaming detox to get to that point and it's still a work in progress. I think you sound very motivated, ng, best of luck getting started!
  15. Welcome, raggamuffin! I think you've come a long way already and have much to be proud of.
  16. Now when you say "to be an attaboy", what do you mean? Always saying 'attaboy' to others? I'm glad the agitation is getting easier for you. That was huge for me.
  17. Day 65/90. I'm learning that my podcast project is diametrically opposed to gaming. One will not exist without the other. If I game, I won't do my podcast. It would swallow the time. If I do my podcast, I'll leave less room for gaming temptation. So that makes my decision easy. @Vlad no perfection on my first try. Every history podcaster I've listened to has slowly improved over time and grows with confidence. I've seen this in the past when I've done writing and even Cam in his videos. My only delay is historical research. This is the type of podcast that I need some background organization done before I start. My planned pace is probably 2 weeks between episodes, so I won't have a huge amount of time for reading. I did draw up a 12 month timeline last night for meeting research, technical, and production goals. Perhaps this is a slow pace, but I think I'm being thorough. @Hitaru Actually, re: the Spanish Empire. My podcast topic (at least the initial series) is the American Revolution. The Spanish come off quite well, particularly Bernardo de Gálvez and his campaigns against the British in present-day Florida, Mississippi, and Alabama in 1779-1781. It's a forgotten chapter I hope to correct. Gratitude 1. Friends I can goof around with late at night 2. My passions - for history, exercise 3. Gym of course!
  18. Sounds like you need to burn off some anxiety, make yourself too tired to think ugly thoughts. I do that sometimes...go for a walk or run, lift weights, or do some exercise in your own home.
  19. Where are you moving from to Sydney? Is it a long haul? At least the move will keep you busy.
  20. It's funny how some music can lure you into games again. I had a piece of music from Assassin's Creed II on my music mix yesterday and suddenly I wanted to play the game again, or at least watch a video of it.
  21. That makes sense, especially if you feel you have a serious problem. I hope it helps.
  22. Mettermrck

    Day 6!

    Let me know what you think of cold showers. I've heard several people mention them but I'm too nervous to try. ?
  23. I think you're making great progress, Hitaru, no matter how hard you are on yourself
  24. I'm showing my age...when I saw "DDR", I first thought "Deutsche Demokratische Republik (East Germany)" and only second "Dance Dance Revolution". That's what happens when you grow up in the Cold War. ? Your English is excellent, btw, tovarisch.
  25. What's the nuclear option for you?
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