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  1. Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm here again for a second time. I continue to struggle getting away from video games. My friends, family all play video games and expect me to continue but it's an undesirable outcome for me. I feel like I conquered the world yesterday, getting everything done, taking care of my problems, and reading, and working out all since I turned off my video games. I just lose so much time to video games that I can't keep doing this anymore. 90 Days is March 11th. 2018. I'm going to be doing a lot of things in my free time as I try to stay sober from my video games. I'll throw updates here. Thank you William E Jones
  2. Take it from someone that has put the time in getting their own older brother sober after a decade+ of battling alcoholism. YOU, need to let him fail, let his life become unmanageable. Move out. Take care of yourself and stop helping him. The only way his behavior and perspectives are going to change if he wants them to. That won't happen until he sees them as unmanageable and desires to do better. If you stick around managing him, you aren't helping, you are enabling and thus causing no reason for him to improve. It ain't fun, and it doesn't always leave you with a positive relationship. But if you feel his problem has become that significant than the only thing to do is leave him to manage his own life. Ask anyone, in any addiction recovery program. Doing what Destoroyah told you to do. Isn't getting him off video games, it's coping with being an enabler.
  3. Good Morning Steven, The answer you are looking for is specific to each situation. Healthy time management skills are a necessary skill. But It may not be related to specifically video games. My gut feeling is that most kids don't know how to manage their time well, younger ones especially need to have some sort of structure or rules regarding doing any one activity too much. Watching tv, eating cookies, etc. Billy
  4. Good Afternoon guys, I've gone to university schooling. Games were not the primary reason for going, but the were definitely the biggest problem once I was out on my own. I've also read a couple of books on video game addiction, "The Video Game Debate" by Rachel Kowert and Thorsten Quandt. And the "Moral Combat" book by Patrick M Markey, and Christopher Ferguson. I'd be willing to help/discuss if you wanted to. They do bring up some relevant points that might be worth discussing on the podcast such as problems researching violent video games, video game addiction, and how to get the APA to change their mind on its classification. Let me know if you feel like thats worth it or if you want to reach out for something else William E Jones
  5. Afternoon everyone, I'm coming to the realization that like an alcoholic most of my friends revolve around me playing games. They think that since they don't have a problem managing it that I'm just kind of a lazy asshole about it everything. So it's kind of like the argument of alcoholism being a moral failing, that I'm just not strong enough it or persevere over. I'm working on quitting games again. Curious if anyone else has had this problem? Do you lose friends when thats what you do to relax and have fun etc. -Utter