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  1. timon added a post in a topic Hi Guys   

    Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome.
    Well I guess it just gradually happened over time. I remember playing mario with friends when I was four. Since that moment, it just gradually grew. In my youth it was still a lot with friends and my brothers. But in the end it just culminated in my sitting in my room playing RPG's infinitely. I did used to do it alot to numb my loneliness or heart break. But it doesn't really help recover or make friends. Haha, but I am spending my time mostly better now. Working out or annoying my girlfriend. How did you guys get in to the habit?
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  2. timon added a post in a topic Searching for reading help!   

    I find that self help, or non fiction books can be draining. Cramming your mind. But fiction books are almost always relaxing. How about switching things up. Ironically I have the entire Witcher book series to be consumed, instead of playing one of the games :)! 
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  3. timon added a post in a topic What makes you happy?   

    - hanging out with friends
    - drawing
    - excercise
    - goofing around
    - reading 
    - writing

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  4. timon added a post in a topic Does lsd help you quit gaming?   

    there are a lot of those kind of studies now, also the use of mdma would help. But there was nothing conclusive yet as far as I have read. 
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  5. timon added a post in a topic To facebook or not to facebook?   

    Facebook is designed to keep your attention. It can be a useful tool. But your feed is bound to distract you by design. Somewhere Noah Kagan (old facebook employee if I remember correctly) suggested this: The news feed eradicator:
    This helps me keep my social media use in check - I only use it to contact (mostly international) friends, and get distracted a whole lot less by it.
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  6. timon added a topic in Start Here + Introductions   

    Hi Guys
    Hey guys, 
    How are you? Slow recoverer from compulsive gaming. Though I have that, and other dopamine dispensing habits mostly under control, I sometimes still binge on my former addictions. Hope to help some people here and learn a lot  from you guys as well
    Greets, Timon
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  7. timon added a post in a topic Ways to gain confidence + social skills   

    Yeah Skyline123, you can follow classes, join clubs or anything related to an interested or skill you can do in a group. This is a great way to learn something new, with other people, and bond around that! That has certainly helped me in the past :)! 
    Cam also shows some cool sources to get started on the theory, but combine them with practice!
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