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  1. Guys, just finnishing up the Dune series. It is amazing! As @KevinV1990 said, it is a great alternative to gaming. Especially if there are compelling stories!
  2. I used to binge audiobooks and podcasts all the time as well,... but I realize you need some time to process as well... so don't just cram shit in. And as WorkInProgress said, do it with intent!
  3. You have the extension on chrome: Facebook Feed Eradicator, or something. That block your feed, but allows you to chat with friends and in groups. That is a lifesaver for me, no more mindless scrolling, but able to stay up to date with some international friends.
  4. His biography is very interesting! It shows what hard work can achieve. Sure he got lucky a few times, but he works and gives it his all. Will Smith has given a few very good interviews talking about just that. Working hard to get on top!
  5. Can you go to sports clubs? Volunteering at events/organizations? Groups surrounding interests like cooking, philosophy, books etc. I bet they are out there
  6. Jordan peterson is great, especially if you see how he ties it in with psychology and mythology. But honestly guys, overcoming shyness is hard to do. But WHAT you actually have to do isn't really. Talking to people seems like this smooth process, but believe me, most people suck at it, and that's okay. If you can only talk about baseball, great. Talk about that. But also be willing to learn about what other people like to talk about. The best way to make yourself comfortable in a conversation, is by focusing on making the other person comfortable. And that is done by being genuinely interested. Ask questions about themselves, what they like, and why! Listen and ask more. You'll see the conversation comes easy then. Try this a lot! You'll see that gradually over time, you will become less shy :)! All that fear and power you give other people, by imagining what they think of you, is just all in your head! You are not the ugliest, you are not the stupidest, that's what you think people see. They don't see that. Especially if you stop believing it as well. So since none of us is gaming anymore :P, get out and work on yourself. Speak to new people and overcome shyness :)!
  7. Hey Guys, What is your favourite podcast? Mine is by far Hardcore History. It has the most amazing historical stories and told in a captivating way! http://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/
  8. Hi Cam, How are you doing? Recently revisited your site, and got to say - you really hit the nail on the head with addressing the problems related to quitting games. Especially in your “four reasons why you play” video - man that hit home :). Anyway, I stumbled upon this post. Are you still up for contributions? Would love to share my story and the way I actually help people now with their social skills. Let me know if I can help! Keep up the good work! Best, Timon
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the warm welcome. Well I guess it just gradually happened over time. I remember playing mario with friends when I was four. Since that moment, it just gradually grew. In my youth it was still a lot with friends and my brothers. But in the end it just culminated in my sitting in my room playing RPG's infinitely. I did used to do it alot to numb my loneliness or heart break. But it doesn't really help recover or make friends. Haha, but I am spending my time mostly better now. Working out or annoying my girlfriend. How did you guys get in to the habit?
  10. I find that self help, or non fiction books can be draining. Cramming your mind. But fiction books are almost always relaxing. How about switching things up. Ironically I have the entire Witcher book series to be consumed, instead of playing one of the games :)!
  11. - hanging out with friends - drawing - excercise - goofing around - reading - writing
  12. there are a lot of those kind of studies now, also the use of mdma would help. But there was nothing conclusive yet as far as I have read.
  13. Facebook is designed to keep your attention. It can be a useful tool. But your feed is bound to distract you by design. Somewhere Noah Kagan (old facebook employee if I remember correctly) suggested this: The news feed eradicator: http://news-feed-eradicator.west.io/ This helps me keep my social media use in check - I only use it to contact (mostly international) friends, and get distracted a whole lot less by it.
  14. Hey guys, How are you? Slow recoverer from compulsive gaming. Though I have that, and other dopamine dispensing habits mostly under control, I sometimes still binge on my former addictions. Hope to help some people here and learn a lot from you guys as well Greets, Timon
  15. Yeah Skyline123, you can follow classes, join clubs or anything related to an interested or skill you can do in a group. This is a great way to learn something new, with other people, and bond around that! That has certainly helped me in the past :)! Cam also shows some cool sources to get started on the theory, but combine them with practice!
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