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  1. Glad you're following. Day 3 Made a framework for the book. I am always thinking about what is the best way the write a book. Should I plan everything to every little detail, or should I just start writing and don't look back? Now I know that you have to make different plans for different kind of stories/books. A book which is about overcoming a gaming addiction, and about helping others should at least have some kind of framework I think, so I have made one. Written the first pages of the foreword/introduction. It's kinda weird to notice how easy it sometimes is to write. It really seems like the words appear on my screen without doing anything. I think I'm really in the writing flow right now. Decided to eat and drink less sugar. So there is something else that has been bothering me. I'm eating/drinking too much sugar again, a great part of it in the form of energy drinks. I know that my sugar cravings increase when I'm stressed out, which I was during December at my old job. Since I'm not stressed anymore (quite the opposite to be honest), I decided to stop with drinking energy drinks, stop with eating too much sugar, and I decided to start living healthier again. Today I had a severe headache when I got home from work, and that was because I didn't drink my daily energy drink. Have to fight through it, and I know I can do it since I already did it in the past.
  2. For me reading was a great way to withstand the temptations of playing videogames. Now reading has become a real hobby, and I try to read many different books. Bacause I know that many people start to read when they stop gaming, I thought it is fun to talk about the last book you read, and recommend it (or not) to other readers. Maybe you can give other people an idea of what to read next. --- The last book I read, was Casino Royale by Ian Fleming. This is the first James Bond book, the one which the first Daniel Craig movie is based off. It is nice a nice thing to read, how well the movie stayed true to the book, the movie only has been adjusted to the 21st century. The book starts off slowly, but after the first baccarat game, the story got so intense, which made me not want to put the book away. A must read for everyone!
  3. March 15, 2017 Today it is my sixth day of not playing videogames, and I have to say that it is easier than I thought. It al started with just challenging myself not to play videogames for one day, and look where I am now. Maybe weird to say, but I am kinda proud of myself. Had a busy day at work yesterday and when I got home, I was tempted to start playing again. Instead of starting up my Playstation 4, I decided to grab a book and started to read. After a short time the temptation was gone. I also decided to write about my addiction on my own website, and didn't only want to do that for myself, but also to help others with their videogame addiction.It is my mom's birthday, and while I already bought here a present, I still needed to buy her a nice birthday card, so I went to the mall. To my big surprise a new food stall with Turkish food had been opened, and since I didn't have breakfast yet, I decided to grab a bite. On my way back, I went to the bookstore, and got myself a new book, as if I didn't have enough books already.I am also still wondering if I should sell my whole Playstation collection. It is not even that I don't want to sell it, I just want to sell it for a good price. To do that it would probably be best if I would sell it to another person, since they will pay more for my stuff than gameshops will do. But selling it to people does also take more time, which will make the chance of relapsing bigger every day.EDIT: So I decided to rearrange my shelves, so I won't see my game collection anymore, as soon as I wake up. Now I look at a bookshelf full of books (see the attached picture).EDIT2: I decided that I won't give up gaming completely. I'd rather game with moderation, and I know that I'm able to do that. I am going to limit the amount of games that I'm allowed to buy though, and maybe also going to limit myself to only play in the weekends.