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  1. I have just registered as a new member sorry for this terrible grammar so I am a high school student I can go to anyone and talk but I would still be shy like I can and I only know about baseball and hockey also computer language so it will be hard for me to talk about other things like for example trying to talk to girls unless I get lucky if she likes sports but I had one friend but he was too much of a gamer and was too lazy to do outside things with me so I just slowly stop talking to him but I tried to reach out to him but when I look at my self I feel that I am the ugliest person and thinking why would anyone hang out with me. My gaming is pretty much done really I have stop playing but I am too lazy to do school work when I get home. Sorry for my grammar I am in Florida and our house got him has from the Irma storm so the wifi is keep going off and on so I tried to type this as fast as possible.
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