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[DETOX] recommended app/website blocker for android


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Hello there!

I'd like to know if you have any suggestions regarding blocking specific apps / websites on android.

I installed Cold Turkey on my Windows yesterday and it works like a charm but I already realize that I crave for those sites I have blocked on my laptop and will automatically shift my usage to my tablet and smartphone if I can't interfere here as well. Therefore I'd like to know which applications you recommend as I'm a bit overwhelmed by all options Play Store provides me.

Did you have any experience with certain blockers? I'm really looking for a blocker that doesn't allow my to cheat and definitely something more hardcore than Forest.

Thanks for the advice

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37 minutes ago, hemonkey said:

I recommended to not use your phone or tablet because that is the easiest and cheapest way. If you then delete your blocker because of cravings then I suggest you also pull the plug on your computer and lock it in a cabinet for a month and see how it goes.

Easier said than done: I was in an offline program to combat my game/internet/computer addiction last year and during this time I had my phone, laptop and tablet locked up in my counselor's room. The problem is that I'm a medical student and also a social human being. It is impossible for me to succeed in this detox and to overcome my addiction if I won't be able to use my computer/smartphone/tablet at all. They are essential for my life as a student and I don't wanna go back to last year where I had to enter the library to learn everything especially since everything is in lockdown at the moment. Also I still wanna keep my freedom of having the lecture notes as PDFs on my electronics to learn from. Also Anki Flashcards help me to memorize our workload.

So it's not possible for me to stay away from my electronics completely. Maybe for a certain time when the semester is finished but even then: When the semester starts again I will have my devices back and everything could go back to the start. I don't want that. For me the only solution is to find a way of using my computer helpfully as well as my tablet and phone. This involves using WhatsApp / Telegram as I don't have problems to stay away from chatting for hours. Rather I would find myself watching YouTube videos and browsing reddit.

There are blockers like Cold Turkey that bar you from deleting them. I need something like that.

I settled with "Focus Me" for now and will see how the next days unfold.

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