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Having dreams where i am playing video games


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Today is day 14 for me! Nice to be in the double digits! 90 is double digits too which is my goal xD I've noticed this past week I've been having nights where I dream I am playing video games. Like last night I dreamt I was playing Mass Effect, which is weird I don't even like the ME games and I have no desire to play them, but I guess my addiction is desperate for any game so it wants to play it in my dream xD I remember in my dream I was playing it and then I was like "oh crap I'm supposed to stop gaming, I'm gonna have to reset my counter!!! I can't stop!!! Ugh, well, since I'm going to have to reset my counter anyways, may as well play a bit now xD"

but luckily it was just a dream! Hoping to make it to January 5. 

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I am sorry you had a dream like that, thank goodness it was just a dream like you said, I hope they stop occurring for you. 

Ultimately dreams are crazy, I am not sure if you can control your dreams but I haven't been able to. Sometimes they seem all too real, like I had a dream where I was in like a Smash bros championship, despite me never being that good at that game anyway and winning. I then held up my trophy, and then when I woke up in real life I was holding my fan like it was a trophy. I don't know what causes these real life like dreams, but they have sparked interest in me.

Anyway, good luck on the rest of your detox

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dreams.............................................................................................. noone can explain them (but you)

LORD: save my brother to dream, thou I can only see black.

edit. i posted it. youtube will kill it again 🙂

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