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  1. Since I run a small service business, I can get my growth feeling from there. I also am trying to start swimming to get my chemical storm but it's expensive in my city, so I'm postponing that for around 40 days until I get a better hold of my finances. Typing this out gives me the impression I'm just rationalizing an excuse, since I don't really am strapped for cash, not anymore 😌 After that I'll see how I feel and decide what to do next. I already have a good relationship with clients, colleagues from my company's area of work, family and real life friends so I don't think I need to invest more in the community and connection aspect.
  2. Oh man, I have these too! Last week I woke up turning my face away from the game screen that was forcedly in front of me, just like those movies when the character is having a nightmare 😂
  3. Hi all! Like I said, I was 17 when my daughter was born, then I was like "Oh, ok, time to take care of things in our lives now", guess what, whole evenings playing even if I didn't really wanted to, instead of working on my life and being the best parent that I could. Then I realized, a decade ago, that it was addiction and I likely would be in for a tough time if I didn't fought it with all my capacity. Found Nofap right after, which helped me immensely since then. Anyway, anyone here? I'm also interested in having someone as an accountability partner too.