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Wow, time is passing fast. It's been 20 days out of 90 days detox from gaming. Actually, I stopped counting because the craving for the game is absolutely gone. I no longer think or crave about it like I used to the first week. I relapsed twice 2 weeks ago but each relapses actually helped me to go forward on this journey. For example, my relapses fueled my decision to stop gaming from ruining my life again by leading me to delete all my online friends (cutting off social aspect of the game) and reset the password to random jumble of letters and numbers so I can never log back in. Now I feel like it's too much work to reset the password again and I'm no longer interested in the online world. 

I feel like with help of my friends and this community, I was able to tackle down this big addiction in my life. Through my friends, I realized the value of time and through this community, I learned I was not alone in having game addiction problem. Now, there are two more bad addictions I need to overcome, which are napping and chewing on ice. It's sorta like my body made it into a daily habit to take a nap whenever possible and to seek ice to chew on whenever possible. The ice chewing is the worse of the two in my opinion cause it sometimes hurt my jaw and teeth but I just can't help but have some every day.

So, along with my game detox journals, I'm gonna be writing and keeping track on these two addictions from time to time on this site. 

Let me know of your weird addictions/habits, lol. This is a judging-free zone.

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I have habit trackers for not popping pimples, not masturbating and to meditate. I get bad reactions to watching most tv shows so I watch like one episode of a ton of shows trying to find one that I can watch without distress. I'm like this with everything: hobbies, church, people, dating, books etc. It's a long and arduous process and I wonder if it's even worth it. But I'm doing it lately so we'll see what happens. I also have to sleep on my side, sleeping on my back makes my leg tense up and I can't sleep. That's about all the weird stuff about me I can think of. I hope you can get over your ice addiction and others. I heard ice chewing is bad for your teeth. Maybe you could just get into drinking a bunch of water instead.

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Welcome! This is definitely a warm and welcoming community and we are happy you are here!! No judgement here... only listening, compassion, and maybe some helpful hints. 

As for the chewing ice, have you had your iron checked? The two are supposedly related... I used to chew ice as well... then started taking iron... and the craving stopped. 

Thank you for sharing your journey here friend!!

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