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  1. LOL. Hey guys I kinda forgot to update my forum because of school and I kinda hate writing lol. But I'm happy to say I've officially quit editing you and I deleted the account!!!! I now have an anime account where I post anime edits! I'm really proud of myself for deleting the account and stop editing that genre, the community was toxic anyways. But yeah, I finally ended the addiction! 🙂
  2. YOOOOOO even if you relapsed it doesn't matter! You stumbled and took a hit to the noggin, but it's okay! Jut get back off and brush it off and keep going! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HIGH 😤
  3. What I did today! Today I woke up and went to online school until 12:00pm. After I went to a dentist appointment and went thrifting right after. I came back home around 4pm and took a long ass nap (it was a 6 hour nap). I woke up at 10:57pm and went to do some history and science homework that was due today. I finished my homework and called one of my emo's and one of my Unni's very shortly though. After speaking with them, I went onto Roblox to play a strategy game (idk why, but the game keeps my mind off of the addiction). I played for like 30 minutes and then went to YouTube to watch Quackity and I ate some of a burger with ranch. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go edit an webtoon right now because I feel like editing something, but I don't want that to be yaoi. I have all my you edits downloaded so that I can remake them but with webtoons. The reason being why I remake them is so I don't need to think about stuff to edit and needing inspiration because that shit takes way too long to think about if you have an editors block lol. Anyways, that's all I really did today and overall I'm happy. I'll check back with you guys tomorrow. Bye!
  4. Yes pop off and overcome this Luna Unni. PERIODT 😼
  5. I'm addicted to yaoi and editing it. What is it?: If you don't know what yaoi is it's bascially boys love and gay stuff, it can also be gay porn. I'm gonna share how I got into it.: I used to be an anime editor instagram and used a program called videostar which is for your phone. I edited since 2018 so it's been 2 years so far. One day i was just watching edits on my explore page and i came across this one yaoi edit and i was really interested in it so i followed the editor. I also watched the edits and commented and liked their posts and i wanted to read the manhwa they kept on editing because it looked really cool. I later read the manhwa and got addicted to it. The genre was yaoi and horror and i reaqlly enjoyed it. so i made a new editing account separate from anime and made a editing account just for yaoi on september 9th 2019. I've been editing it ever since and i legit can't stop. I abandoned my anime account and just only post on my yaoi account. Why do i want to quit?: im religious so i want to be clean from this really badly but it's really hard to get rid of this stupid addiction. i also started this addiction really young and i just need this gone. I was talking with a trusted adult and they showed me this site and im trying it now. I just need some encouragement because i really want to end this addiction once and for all. i've made a goal to end the account on my one year anniversery which is september 9th. I'll keep updated on here and the journey im taking to get rid of it. i hope you can come along and support me while im trying to end this addiction. What hooks me so much?: I'm pretty sure the sex scenes because it's how they got together and now theyre all lovey dovey. im not there for the sex im there for the sex in the plot and how they grow. if that makes sense. I also love when the gay couples get together and stuff. straight and yuri doesn't do the same for me i guess. and i dont know how im so tied to it. like W H A T My solution and goal for this addiction: Straighten the FUCK up so i don't do this shit anymore. and to not relapse. But the main goal is to end the account once and for all on september 9th and just be done with it and delete the account. What am I gonna do with this site?: I'll be updating my journey on here everyday or try to at least and stuff and just share my struggles. Anyways yea thank you for reading lol. (im sorry if my spelling and grammar sucks but i just need to get this out lmao.)