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  1. Thank you. I have been involved with the authorities and there is nothing they can do unless it becomes physical. It takes a real POS of a human being to be mean to a child. The more and more I exit the fog of gaming, I see how horrible the reality is. Empowering myself is the answer and something I am working towards. Thank you for being here. Truly.
  2. Take a deep breath. I have been much calmer when abuse gets thrown at me. But when thrown at my kids..... the fiery protector comes out. Very off kilter tonight after witnessing such hate, pain and ignorance. Grow up and check your f*%king ego dude. To my sweet little ones... may you be surrounded by joy, peace and serenity in your bed tonight. May you know how deeply you are loved, held and cared for. You are pure love and light.
  3. Never apologize for expressing your feelings. It’s the only way to move thru them. These feelings of sadness and pain are valid and completely normal. You have experienced such a great loss in your friendships... it has got to hurt. I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing so much on here and being vulnerable. Your honesty is quite refreshing. Sending energy to you during this time. Talk soon.
  4. Marriage won’t make your relationship or life better. It does provide some protection for the partner that earns less money, regardless of gender. Spiritually and believing in a higher power has helped me have more joy, peace and stillness in my life. But it should not be imposed on anyone. I find the teachings of Buddhism to be lovely. Have a beautiful day my friend.
  5. Moving is one of the biggest stressors. Of course you feel sad, angry and defeated. Big change of environment and foundation. Different layout and community. New routines and structure. It’s so tough. You are not alone. Sending all my love, joy and peace. And BIG hugs!!
  6. Day 79 we are not meant to live like this. Cell phones, screens, disconnected soulless lives. I yearn for a tribe, a real life community. A gathering space to be seen, dance, laugh, sing, eat..... hug. Like really hug someone for longer than is socially accepted. Maybe this is my calling. Connection with the Divine and others. Thank you for being here.
  7. This is awesome! How do you like it so far?!
  8. Guys...... guess what!! I was able to talk with the director of a community resource center. They have a full daycare program for kids of families in need. The program would be FREE!!!! This would remove a huge barrier for me as daycare costs 1500 where I live. Having care would allow me to look for jobs in my trained field and take really any job to start on the path of empowering my self. I am in an extremely unhealthy relationship so I am hoping this works out. Would you pray, send positive energy, good intentions that my family gets accepted into this program? It would mean so much to us. Thank you so much for being here.
  9. My life is a series of inhales and exhales. Inhale- hands to sky exhale- bow inhale- low lunge exhale- chaturanga inhale- cobra exhale- down dog inhale- low lunge exhale- bow inhale- hands to sky exhale- hands to heart inhale- unload forks exhale- into cupboard inhale- spoons exhale- cupboard inhale-knives exhale- cupboard inhale- plates exhale- cupboard inhale- cups exhale- cupboard inhale- close dishwasher exhale- handstand!!!!!! And if you are still with me today, I often don’t know what to write. This is what my life looks like. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe the next breath. Do the next thing. There is beauty in the moment. Every moment. Thank you for being here.
  10. It’s good to know exactly what you want in a partner. If I ever date again, I would like to find a man who is open to doing acro yoga; that should limit the field really fast! Have a beautiful day!
  11. Ahhh- we are so excited you are back! It takes so much courage to show vulnerability and come just as you are! You are learning and growing. Don’t ever lose sight of your dream. My last doctor went back to medical school at 40 and graduated at 48. Actually so I worked for a health care system and many many physicians and clinicians started at a point much older than you! We need you. So glad you are here!
  12. One step at a time. When we do anything new the mind sees it as danger; it will resist change at all cost. This is why transformation is so difficult. I have this quote... it’s quite silly but helpful, “little by little, a little becomes a lot”. Can you work on the 3D modeling techniques for a small time every day? Maybe 15 minutes a day as to not get overwhelmed? So sorry about your move. Moving is just a pain no matter what. I end up getting rid of so much stuff just because I don’t want to pack and move it. But that is awesome about your bonus! Maybe it’s a sign that this is meant to be.... or maybe it means nothing. It’s all about our perspective I guess. You’re going through so much right now, it’s ok to be sad, angry, upset and bitter. It would be weird if you did not feel that way. We have to keep doing the next thing, the next moment. Proud of you!
  13. Day 75 I think. I am grieving a big loss of a beautiful being in my life. Everything has been quiet and I have been very still. I have reached out for help from the “safe” people i know. I feel held and supported. I am reaching out to a couple government organizations, in regards to what benefits I can receive. Just dealing with these companies is frustrating because there are long wait times and dead ends. I am feeling at peace. Trusting God and showing vulnerability to others. Thank you for being here. Thank you for listening.
  14. Nothing makes sense anymore.
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