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  1. Alive Joyful Thankful Happy New Year everyone.
  2. Here is a picture of the rainbow over my home that I mentioned. It’s reminders like this.... we are never alone. Starting a 24 hour fast today. I don’t really know anything about fasting... except to not eat. Planning on doing 1 24 hour fast a week. Instead of eating... I will be praying/meditating. Hoping to get clarity and peace regarding next steps. Have a beautiful day friends!
  3. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it’s human connection. I love this quote because it is a beautiful reminder about how we are too live in community, to love each other, to need one another. I went to acupuncture today... and my practitioner is so wonderful. He always reminds me what a beautiful soul I am, how I have overcome so much, how it’s ok to be sad. And I have cried so many tears. So so many tears. He says I always look so happy and positive. I gently tell him how hard I grieve. Its really important to share not only the love, but the vast amoun
  4. Ahh that’s right.. we’re going to grow our hair together! Glad to see you here. I haven’t caught up on your journal but I hope you are meeting your goals! Have a beautiful day!
  5. Happy very belated birthday! Your paintings are absolutely beautiful. Keep going. Sending love and joy to you today!
  6. And I am grateful for you friend. I love reading your post because even though you are going through extremely challenging situations; your spirit remains joyful and loving. Sending strength to you today. 🙂
  7. Hello, It has been so long since I have been here. Life has been very confusing. Integrating myself back into my “normal” daily activities has been a challenge. I am emerging into a world that has been extremely impacted by the pandemic; and where I live in PNW, everything is very locked down. Just one breath at a time. We have moved to a new home, a block away. It’s bigger... which my girls really love. But it is still next to a forested area. I again, broke down into tears leaving my old apartment... but then a beautiful rainbow appeared. Picture below. 🥰 S
  8. I am so sorry. You worked so hard. It’s ok to grieve and feel all the emotions. Sending strength friend.
  9. When will you receive your results? I really hope you passed. You are very intelligent and put forth all the effort. Please let us know.
  10. Oh wow. Thank you. This is so beautiful, gentle and sweet. Your music is absolutely perfect.. and it’s such a gift to hear you play. Thank you for walking this journey with me and for being here.
  11. Hi friends.... Its over. 600 hours of chemo is over. I mean really.... 600 hours of chemo infusions! This treatment has been unreal. There is no way I would have finished without all the love I have received... so thank you. Really thank you for your prayers and intentions and messages and love. We did it!!!! People keep asking what is next... and all I know now is I am cancer free! In 1 month I will have labs to test for tumor markers. Then in Feb, another CT. Just for today, I am snuggling with my babies. And
  12. This world has been feeling really big and scary lately. Reading this community’s post have brought me so much joy and happiness. Spending lots of time reading bible, listening to Dharma talks, focusing on my breath. I have been beyond exhausted, but determined to use what energy I do have as a service to the world. Sending love friends. Feeling so grateful for this safe and caring community tonight.
  13. Yay! So you got the new job? Congratulations friend! Thank you for sharing your journey here and we are so thankful for you. It’s such a joy to read how you find happiness in the small things. I smile at your posts often, and my heart overflows when you share all that you are grateful for. Have a beautiful day friend.
  14. Welcome!!! Love your picture and username! Look forward to following your journey!
  15. Keep going friend. You are so close! You have been preparing and studying for this exam for so long.... you are almost there!!! I know you will do well.... and it will be such a huge achievement once it’s complete. I wish you strength and concentration and confidence... you can do this. Thinking about you... I hope you got some good sleep!