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  1. I am so sorry about your friend. That must be really painful. Is your mom ok now? Sending love and support friend.
  2. Hi! So there is no “add files” option for me. It only says “other media” as a button. Thank you!!!!!
  3. Awwww good luck to you friend! Wishing you the best!
  4. Thank you so much! Yet, this did not work for me. Maybe because I am posting from my phone?! Thank you for your help!
  5. ***Hi all! I am not able to post pictures anymore? Has this function been removed? **** Thank you so much!
  6. Just so grateful. Friends… sending calm, safety and peace. May your day be as beautiful as each and everyone of you are. “The light enters through the broken spaces”
  7. Awww friend... look how far you have come! You are doing better physically, mentally and spiritually. Making more money. Assessing your nutrition to see what works for you! I love love having plants in the home. It brings such a good energy. Sending hugs friend.
  8. I don’t know where else to write this.. My ex who broke my heart is back. I just cannot believe I am having to deal with him. This was the man, who I was in a relationship with for a year. Then he changed and became distant. I questioned him... but he always said nothing was wrong. It was another year later... that I found out he had been dating someone else. It destroyed me and that is when I began gaming. I know I get to choose who I allow in my life... but it’s so hard; I really felt something so special for him. Continuing to focus on myself and my dreams. I am in a really good place right now... I don’t want to lose how far I have come. Thank you for listening. Sending love. ❤️
  9. Thank you friend. Your kindness and compassion are a reflection of the beautiful soul you are. ❤️
  10. Yay!!! I mean this is so awesome! You deserve someone who is loving, caring and beautiful! Have a wonderful day!
  11. Life with always have trouble, ups/downs. Doing my best to stay present and grateful. On my walk yesterday looked up to see a woodpecker.
  12. Hi! That’s weird about not seeing the thread. Still doing well, and I have a support group of 10 other young women who all have the same dx as me. So helpful. 💙 PNW is just Pacific Northwest. Sending joy.
  13. Happy love day to all. Hope everyone is doing really well here. So thankful for this community. Hopefully getting a new job soon... this would be amazing! Last scan was cancer free! Another one this month... hopefully all clear. I’ve become an advocate for young onset colon cancer. Every day I see people in their 20s and 30s come to our community with Stage 3/4 CRC. Hoping to grow awareness and advocacy. #Nevertooyoung Other then that... still living in PNW. Still living in the present... with the joy of each breath. Sending love and joy and health friends. ❤️❤️❤️
  14. Thank you friend so much for coming by. I am feeling very well. How are you friend? Sending love to you.