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  1. Wow congratulations! Hope you've also built good habits along your 90 day journey! 🙂
  2. Yaaaay! Great job! It sounds like you are building up another hobby that is similar but not toxic! Keep going, Kaitlyn!!! ❤️
  3. Welcome to the community Kaitlyn! I will look forward for your updates!! Keep going and keep fighting!!!
  4. Wow, time is passing fast. It's been 20 days out of 90 days detox from gaming. Actually, I stopped counting because the craving for the game is absolutely gone. I no longer think or crave about it like I used to the first week. I relapsed twice 2 weeks ago but each relapses actually helped me to go forward on this journey. For example, my relapses fueled my decision to stop gaming from ruining my life again by leading me to delete all my online friends (cutting off social aspect of the game) and reset the password to random jumble of letters and numbers so I can never log back in. Now I feel l
  5. It's been 11 days since I've decided to quit gaming cold turkey. I must confess that I have gone online on 3 different days since I've started the 90 day detox plan. Each time I logged in to play was relatively short (30 mins), but each time was also me giving into my weakness. But it's really weird because the craving is gone now. Like, gone-gone. Imagine having a mosquito bite that is super itchy for couple of days then it leaves sort of like a smudge/bruise on your arm but it doesn't itch anymore. You see it's there on your arm but there's no desire to itch it. It's sort of like that for me
  6. @amchow Thanks, I'll check his journal out! And best of luck on your journey as well!
  7. @Amphibian220 I'm working on finding new hobbies at the moment. And thank you for your encouraging word that my efforts aren't all lost. 🙂
  8. It's only been day 5 since no gaming streak and I already gave in to the craving lolol... Here is what happened: I came home from work and just when I was relaxing, the cravings butted in. And I got persuaded to play in moderation, which I did, for 20 minutes. That made me want to play more later tonight and tomorrow and probably I would have logged on every single day after, BUT, I stopped the ball from rolling too far. One of my online friends got on so I told her what I was about to do. I was about to unfriend everyone in the game, get rid of all my online items, and log out forev
  9. @MuMuMelon I feel like it gets tougher as days go by. Yesterday, I felt like I was gonna defeat this addiction altogether, but today after a long day at work, I've been feeling like 20-30 min of gaming wouldn't hurt. And I need to confess, that is exactly what I did. I played for 20 minutes to see if anything updated online, if any friends were online (thankfully there were none). And what you said is exactly right. Playing even for 20 minutes got me thinking, "Oh I need to come back later to see if any friends will be online." It's too bad I can't delete my account. I even emailed the ga
  10. Today marks day 4 of no gaming. 🙂 I'm doing the 90 day detox challenge! I can already see improvements in my daily life. I am more focused and happy at work and at home. I'm getting things done for my summer class ahead of due dates because now I have time to be productive instead of wasting time on gaming. One area I need to improve on is dealing with the cravings. Even now, the voice whispers inside me..."Play for 5 or 10 minutes and log out! That wouldn't hurt!" I'd reply, "BS! I refuse to go back!" And the craving still lingers, laughing at me...but oh well. This is how it's gonna be
  11. Hello all, For seven months, I have been easily playing 6 to 8 hours daily on this online game, mostly to socialize. Ever since quitting cold turkey two days ago, I've been having sudden cravings here and there throughout the day and even considered playing in moderation for 5 or 10 minutes today. But I was able to dismiss the whole idea as foolish because I know I'd lose self-control once I log in. The thing I need advice on is I have given myself 7 detox days and am wondering if I should make it longer? I just read Cam's article on how he just completely quit gaming, and I'd love to fo