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  1. LOL. Hey guys I kinda forgot to update my forum because of school and I kinda hate writing lol. But I'm happy to say I've officially quit editing you and I deleted the account!!!! I now have an anime account where I post anime edits! I'm really proud of myself for deleting the account and stop editing that genre, the community was toxic anyways. But yeah, I finally ended the addiction! 🙂
  2. YOOOOOO even if you relapsed it doesn't matter! You stumbled and took a hit to the noggin, but it's okay! Jut get back off and brush it off and keep going! KEEP YOUR HEAD UP HIGH 😤
  3. What I did today! Today I woke up and went to online school until 12:00pm. After I went to a dentist appointment and went thrifting right after. I came back home around 4pm and took a long ass nap (it was a 6 hour nap). I woke up at 10:57pm and went to do some history and science homework that was due today. I finished my homework and called one of my emo's and one of my Unni's very shortly though. After speaking with them, I went onto Roblox to play a strategy game (idk why, but the game keeps my mind off of the addiction). I played for like 30 minutes and then went to YouTube to w
  4. Yes pop off and overcome this Luna Unni. PERIODT 😼
  5. I'm addicted to yaoi and editing it. What is it?: If you don't know what yaoi is it's bascially boys love and gay stuff, it can also be gay porn. I'm gonna share how I got into it.: I used to be an anime editor instagram and used a program called videostar which is for your phone. I edited since 2018 so it's been 2 years so far. One day i was just watching edits on my explore page and i came across this one yaoi edit and i was really interested in it so i followed the editor. I also watched the edits and commented and liked their posts and i wanted to read the manhwa they kept