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I will overcome this

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I am not going to retell the story of how I got here, but you can find it in my introduction part. This is day one of my journaling. I used to journal a lot before my addiction started. I am hoping I can journal here everyday no matter how bad or how good the day will be. My grammar and punctuation is going to be quite off because to be honest I don't care about any of that right now. My goal is to eventually start the 90 day detox because I know my mind, soul, and body need this. I am not ready to do it yet though. I love Pubg too much and the thought of letting it go is hard to grasp, even though I know i need to do it, even if it is for a little while. I start a new job tomorrow and I am scared. I haven't started a new job since my addiction, only quit a job because my addiction. I know this is going to be good for me though. I have to do it either way. 

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I read your intro.  

I know this community can be helpful, but there is also another good website for addicted gamers called Olganon.  It offers daily and weekly scheduled meetings.  Your story sounds very similar to the ones posted on Olganon.  It's a very mature community with a lot of helpful information too.  Check it out as well if you require additional social support, especially the meetings.  

Kindest regards.

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@Firewithin89 Don`t tell me u haven`t passed the vibe check, fam. 

I can also imagine ur vexation that you learn how to aim, strafe, all kinds of little gimmicks and then you drop it all. Like, pubg is pretty much skill-based game, so you must be frustrated about ditching all those hours of training

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