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is it normal to relapse after posting your achievements ?


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I am one of the people who feel great when they praise themselves or someone else praises them.I admit that my desire to play increases the more i hear of compliments, congratulations or reassurance from someone else. I just want to know if one of you has the same thing i'm suffering from , and I wanna know how to get rid of it ?

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Just a theory I have, combined with some of the things, I already wrote in this forum: Could it be that you are really like super focused on your achievements and then they are the way, you measure your success? And then once you reached it your brain goes like: Yeah, I did that, now lets relax a bit and reward ourself. In my opinion, the logical conclusion, if this was true, is to not focus on your achievements and results that much anymore and instead focus more on the actual process and your identity to be a non gamer.

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What are your new activities? 

Have you made new connections, found some sport or activity that gives you a sense of development and stimulates you mentally? 

Just keeping away from games and feeling good about it isn’t going to work.

I agree that small success can be an impostor which makes you feel complacent. Take on more responsibility and get people to depend on you. That way there will always be something pushing you forward.

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