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Pretty much the same reason, to improve the loudness and quality of my voice. Also, being interested in music it would be nice to be able to sing at least a little bit. My voice is terrible right now, so I understand what you mean by being embarrassed to sing in front of the teacher! I imagine they get to hear lots of bad voices though, so that helps. Lol

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Day 28 Journaling

Update post today. I'm trying to change the structure of my daily journal entries to match my current activities. I'm replanning some other stuff too, life my hair/skin care routine and the physiotherapy I do everyday. I get bored of doing the same stuff over and over again easily, so I'm hoping this change of plans may give a little boost to bouncing back on track. Also, I gotta feel that the things I'm doing are really working, so that I get a motivation to keep at it.

In general, this was a messy week - I had no structure at all in my days. Made it to the gym most of the days but my morning/evening routines were sloppy as hell. It's important for me to fix that because I feel the difference in my efficiency in other activities if I start the day the right way. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next weeks. I relapsed to fapping like 3 times this week. Had some bad days regarding my relationship and things went downhill. I will set little goals for no PMO and I'm gonna reward myself for accomplishing these goals in the next days.

Besides all that, it was a good week. I started my singing classes on Thursday and the acting classes on Friday. Both classes went really well, and I'm excited to see how I'm gonna be by the middle/end of the year. I'm certainly gonna put maximum effort in it, so let's see how it goes. I actually was really scared to attend the trial acting class, but I guess that's normal. The other students are mainly teenagers and I was self-conscious about that (being the older guy there). But in the end it's all bullshit - I got comfortable right after the class started, and later in the class a woman in her 50s arrived and she was AMAZINGLY comfortable in her skin, laughing and joking around with the teens.

Current Streaks

No games - 232 days

No Porn/Masturbation - 0 days  ----> CURRENT GOAL: 1 DAY   LAST GOAL: NOT YET ACCOMPLISHED

Healthy mobile phone usage - 0 days  ----> CURRENT GOAL: 1 DAY   LAST GOAL: NOT YET ACCOMPLISHED

Things that I should do every now and then

Body grooming - Last done 28/01/2020

Hair Care - Last done 29/01/2020

Clip nails - Last done 28/01/2020

Deep organize room - ? - Gonna separate an hour in the day when the boredom hits to organize a drawer or any other thing.

Daily Habits/Activities Tracker

Perfect Diet - Not done

Cold showers - Done

Practice guitar - Not done

Study programming - Not done

Singing practice - Done

Gym - Not Done, but it was a conscious decision


Fear Ladder (1/10) - Keep practicing eye contact and smile.

Exposure Therapy at least once a day

Morning Routine

1. Make my bed - Done

2. Warm up voice - Done

3. Physiotherapy - Done

3. Brush teeth - Done

4. Skin care routine - Not done

5. Day planning - Not Done

Evening Routine

1. Physiotherapy - Only in the morning.

2. Skin care routine - Not Done

3. Brush teeth - Done

4. Journaling - Done the morning after


Power of Habit - Read

The Narnia Chronicles - Didn't read

Read 30 mins of something technical and take notes- Didn't read

Weekly Goal(s) - (Week starts at Monday! - Update at Sunday!)

Plan the weekend - 

Find a dentist and schedule it

Cook meals for the week - 

Monthly Goal

Keep myself on track with the new routines

3 Month Goal

Get back to running. The physiotherapy is really important, SET GOALS!

One amazing thing that happened/I did today

I attended the acting class besides being scared!

What I could have done to make my day better:

It was a good day!

What I will do differently tomorrow:

Tomorrow is today, but I'm gonna replan all my routines.

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Objectives for the day

- Have a good singing practice - Done

- Have a nice guitar practice (even 5 minutes count) - Done

- Study some programming/machine learning - Not Done

- Practice social skills (smiling, eye contact) - Done

- Exposure therapy, as much as possible - Done

- Buy things in the supermarket for my diet - Done

Gratitude journal

- I'm grateful for another day to change

- I'm grateful for my flaws

- I'm grateful for my dog 

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