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  1. DETOX DAY 8 Just updating! Current Streaks No games - 8 days No Porn/Masturbation - 8 days Healthy Social Media Usage - 8 days Morning Routine Light stretch and meditate - Done Brush Teeth - Done Skin Care - Not Done One amazing thing that happened/I did today Worked in the garden with my mother. Goals for today - Singing and guitar practice (relaxed session, no goals) -->LEISURE<-- - Watch one episode of the TV series. -->LEISURE<-- - Read -->LEISURE<-- Goals for the FUTURE - I want to re
  2. DETOX DAY 6 Late entry again! Yesterday was a messy but good day. I woke up and stretched in the morning but forgot to medidate. I was rushing to do other things and didn't take my time to organize my thoughts. I received my diet plan in the afternoon and already bought almost everything I need to follow it for maybe 1 week and a half. My intention is cooking means for the whole week every Sunday, but since yesterday was already Monday I had to cook yesterday at night. I also started exercising again, so I was pretty tired yesterday for practicing music or studying other stuff. Today I ha
  3. ColdTurkey works really well! I went the route of blocking software too. I think it works better for me because the blocker forces me to "forget" the habit of openning Instagram or another website a thousand times a day. Once I'm no longer trying to open it several times a day, the blocker is no longer needed, but I keep it, just in case. Nice! I totally agree with you. We have expectations too high when it comes to be interesting to other people. And if we are not the funnier/smarter/cooler person in the group we judge ourselves in a very harsh way. My brain would think that everybody
  4. DETOX DAY 5 Yesterday was good. Relaxing. Not too much urges. A healthy day, I would say. I practiced the guitar in a joyful way, I was even able to sing along it! I've never been able to do that before, I think that's a good sign. I'm diving into this week with a really positive mindset. I'm gonna get back to exercising at home today following a diet made by a nutritionist - this gives me extra motivation. I don't have the diet plan yet but I think the worst part is gonna be cooking and eating in time, since I don't eat much junk food already. Going to cut alcohol too, to boost resu
  5. DETOX DAY 4 Quick update today, not in the mood to write too much (not in a negative way, I'm actually excited to do other stuff). Current Streaks No games - 4 days No Porn/Masturbation - 4 days Healthy Social Media Usage - 4 days Introducing Good Habits Wake up, stretch and meditate - 4 days (GOAL: 7 DAYS) One amazing thing that happened/I did today Music practice! Goals for today - Begin programming course - Singing and guitar practice - Hair care - Watch a movie with family Goals for the FUTURE - I want to re
  6. I have the same problem! I'm only able to be myself in groups that I'm really comfortable with. The more people, the worst. I think it's like an anxiety of being judged or something like this. Before the quarantine I was taking acting classes to adress that (extremely uncomfortable situation for me) and it was promising.
  7. Very nice video! Something that hitted me hard in the video was what he said about how things close to the inner edge of your comfort zone can easily become uncomfortable if you stop challenging yourself. It's sooo easy to let go of good habits you just incorporated to your routine.
  8. DETOX DAY 3 A late post today, as it's already past noon. The cravings for masturbation have been the worst, but I'm holding strong. I'm missing games but not that much. The main problem right now is that I feel bored and, at the same time, I don't have the drive to start something really productive. I reflected about it yesterday and my conclusion is that I plan a lot but my execution is poor. In many times it feels like I do things on "auto pilot" (when gaming it is visible that I do that). I just shut off my brain and execute things in an unproductive way. I think it is important
  9. Nice! I actually like the idea a lot hahahaha. While you are travelling, working or simply out of home, you can leave the little thing at home and voilà - a perfect app blocker.
  10. Good points @WorkInProgress. I have the same feeling about dreading something, especially if I think I'm not able to complete that task (and usually I am). I think I gotta pay attention too if I'm really withholding instant gratification or just replacing the gratification source. I was wondering if maybe a 24 hours domanine detox would help in that regard, maybe to get an insight. Another thing that I'm questioning about my first detox is that I didn't find a hobby that really engaged me. I don't think I really worked that hard to make it work. Maybe the easy rewards that games prov
  11. DETOX DAY 2 Yesterday was an ok day. Although I didn't play games and didn't waste time in social media my day wasn't really productive. I'm having a hard time to focus on tasks. Today I'm gonna try to begin working earlier, as I notice that my focus is better in the morning and decreases throughout the day. Then, by the end of the afternoon, I can do things that are more "fun", like having a singing practice or reading a book. Not nearly as estimulating as gaming, but whatever. It's incredible how much stretching makes a difference in how my body feels. I started the quarantine stre
  12. Great first step! Quick question: In addition to feeling terrified, don't you feel a "relief" doing this? I sold everything game related I had and, although I had a strange feeling while doing that, it was a also liberating experience. Just wondering haha Keep it up man
  13. Yeah, no problem! So, I'm using an App called "Blocksite". It has an extension for Chrome and an App for Android (don't know about IOS, though). The way I do it is pretty simple: Regarding websites, I block them in the app/extension by url (you set up a list). The free version of the app has an option for blocking adult content, so it's easier to block porn too. Since I experienced some buggy behaviour when blocking the urls of facebook and instagram, I block them too using the keywords (there is a function in the app where you add keywords that can't be present in the urls you
  14. DETOX DAY 1 Yesterday was a good day. I always get a good feeling when I start something "new", although it's the second time I start a complete detox like this. It was surprising for me that I didn't have the same intense cravings I had when I quitted games the first time. I guess I don't like gaming that much anymore, it's more of a time filler. Before my relapse I went through a not so nice breakup that took a big psychological toll on me, and I was watching Netflix and Youtube for more than 10 hours a day in the ocasion. Again, a time filler. I gotta investigate a little deeper why I
  15. Congrats on your almost 30 days, keep it up! Yeah, I was thinking about it yesterday, I gotta discover the causes of my relapse so that I can identify triggering situations. I believe it's related to the escapism that games provide. But I'm not sure if I'm escaping from work, studying, social relations, I don't know... I gotta dig deeper into it. Thanks for the tip and success to both of us!