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why 90% of game quitters participants relapsing ?


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if we do some math here , we have around 4,000 introductions but only 40,000 posts in the daily journal which means that each member publish around 10 only posts on average ! which mean that on average each Member quit gaming for 10 days only !

this problem can be solved if we follow these few steps ;

1- every time u publish a post  u have to take a look at the last post of 3 members at least , and give them a like or a small motivation like (u can do it) .

this thing will not take that much time ! 

2- do not relapse ! u are not alone here !

when u resist your craving and stay posting regularly , the others will pay attention to your faith and they will have more chances to stay here too.

the members here are connected to each others ! if some 1 relapse the others will relapse too because of lacking of motivations and interactions !

but if u resist the lust of gaming and stay there to help the others then more people will stay here to  complete the  motivation cycle !

3- don't forget number 1 and 2  ! that's all ! 

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I like the points that you laid out. Accountability and the idea of staying in touch of those who are trying to quit gaming (or moderate it more) are the foundation for success. However, it may take an individual several tries to regulate (whether that's quitting or moderating) gaming to fully succeed.

In my case, I found Respawn to be a WONDERFUL resource to use. What's it's best at, is giving practical ways that elevates how you manage your time. For me, that was a big asset. Making a schedule for myself has made me more productive, and focused. Heck, even someone who isn't looking to quit video games can benefit from it.

If someone relapses, that's not entirely a failure. One can look back and see why they did, which better prepares them in the future.

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I think Cam wrote in the guidelines that everyone should comment at least on 3 other people's topics after posting theirs. I think people quitting quitting gaming has another reason though. Mainly because anything you start, you are bound to be bad at it. People don't like that and it's unlikely one gets through this phase. It's an interesting observation.

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@ismailkanaan I am coming back from a relapse after 158 days no gaming myself. Don't see it as a failure of community but rather part of growing and learning. Getting positive feedback from community is amazing and good motivation to keep coming back and there is much to learn from each other, however, taking a fall and getting back up is also a way to learn. Just saying it's not all bad when people relapse - for me it showed me where I was most weak and now I keep coming back to strengthen that weakness.

Forum statistics can be disheartening from an analytical point of view but realize that is not a direct representation of how many addicted gamers Gamequitters alone has reached. Many of such could be following GQ's advice and the examples we set without registering, could have gone on to quietly recover away from screens & the internet with a local community taking on new hobbies, could have joined CGAA 12 step community forum, could have started playing games again but with a seed of change planted in their mind. Lots of good being sent into the world right now and being received even if we don't see it. Doing my best day to day to recover and set an example to others, that is enough for me.

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@Ikar yes man that is exactly what i mean , if we wanna be supported by the community we have to support the others in order to complete the cycle and by the way enlarging it .

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@James Good @goodvibes @Cam Adairwe are trying to make this community better but we still slow .

maybe we lack money , humans resources (admins) , researches and even the global opinions !

gaming companies are hard to fight against because they have all the previous sources (which mentioned above)

we are not against gaming at all but we are against the addicting that they intent ! when we get addicted to their game we will pay them more money .

many people nowadays falling in their Skinner Box (just search for it on google) . which transform us into moneymaking machines for their duties !

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@ismailkanaan I don't really see it as directly fighting the gaming companies. I'm not against the addicting ways of their gaming either. Not everyone gets addicted and I wouldn't want the government/laws to further regulate everyones freedom.

I think overall you're right. We need to support each other a lot more as a community. Imo, that should be our only role. I don't see why we need to fight the gaming companies when we can instead just focus on helping those that want to be helped. My opinion would change if the gaming companies did or said anything to purposely attack this 'movement' though (So far i've only seen in the UK parliament inquiry that they completely deny addiction exists). Would probs have to see how it goes in a few years if this community gets stronger.

Wish i'd be more active here on ppl's journals, but I feel weird dropping in randomly and not knowing anything about the person. I feel as if I have to read everything to grasp a proper understanding and I honestly don't have time to do that. Maybe someone has some opinions on this for me? Personally I wouldn't expect anyone to read my full journal, anyone could just read the previous entry and make a comment - tho idk anyone elses opinion on it.

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anyway we have to stick together and put more efforts on this communtiy , only @James_Good  @Cam Adair  are doing useful stuff here , but the community is growing too slowly !

the project starts 4-5 years ago and there are less than 10k subscribers to the channel ! so what does that mean ??

many people start a journal for couple days and then relapse and we do never see them again !

i am not saying that we have to force people to come to use or to force them to quit games . our goal is to  publish our ideas much more frequently .

the main problem for this generation is that they dont know how to use the smart devices correctly ! most of them spending 10 hours infront of the screen playing games instead of doing a project or learning something even on those devices !

they dont make any break , thats why they became Nearsightedness , their neck/back posture got ruined . 

our community discuss only a very small thing (gaming addicting) from the entire theme (wrong usage of smart devices ) .

PEace :


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