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Completely Confused


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Hey guys I am very new to all of this side of the wall or whatever you would like to call it but I wanted to ask a lot of different things. This general question is all one big jumble but I would really appreciate it because if you guys could give me guidance. I don't know where to really take this big jumble to. Also sorry for how long it is and my really bad writing and social skills. Here now I'll start. I am 18 years old now. The day I was born all the way up till I was 10 my parents were very abusive in every type of abuse possible. I also didn't listen to anyone. When my Father wasn't abusing me he wanted me to play video games which I started when I was 3 and it was constant playing. Skip forward to age 10 I was put into foster care. All of the residential facilities and foster homes were never a success. I wanted to go back home. Eventually I was adopted by a loving adoptive father who wanted to have kids but didn't want to get married. He has 4 of us. My siblings were put together into another adoptive couple family. Eventually I was cut completely of from my siblings. By the way I was put into counseling at age 6 and still currently in counseling still. I also take medications. Over time I got better after being adopted but then something hit and I went spiraling down again. I got into drugs and got put on probation. I also had many issues in school for bad behavior and next year is my senior year and everybody still thinks I'm weird. But anyways eventually I got off probation and put into more counseling. I got better over the years but I also was diagnosed with many things including ptsd, borderline personality disorder, add, adhd, and a couple other things. There are many things I want in life and I don't know how to achieve them. I cant find a career path that will help me achieve the dreams I have always had deep down. Those goals are to make enough money to own a big house on the beach in Florida, Get a dog, Wife and 2 kids, I want my faith to grow and have a Christian background, I want fitted clothing, money to do the things I want to do. Right now I have this possible career that could turn out within 5 years or so after I graduate. Next year is my senior year and I want it to be the best year of high school. I want to be happy and on my way to this life I want, I want to get a girlfriend and get fit, I want to eat and exercise healthy, I want to have a stable routine and schedule so I am no longer not clearheaded and foggy and confused about life. I want to work on this business opportunity. But I don't know where to start. My whole life is a mess. I have no job, and 0 dollars to my name. No car. I sit around all day everday this whole summer still playing video games since the age of 3 at least 10 hours a day. I don't know if its the video games and I need to stop them or if it is just me and my life is not even on a stone. It is all just one big sandy pile. I just need to really get some guidance on where to start so I can live like I dream of everday. But feel far from achieving. Any comments would help and sorry for the length. I just have everything on my mind.

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43 minutes ago, Jordan2020 said:

I just need to really get some guidance on where to start so I can live like I dream of everday. But feel far from achieving.

The 90 day detox is the place to start. Just by chance you did not catch the detox information I shared on your introduction this link here is the same one and probably more up to date. DM if you have any questions at all, best of luck. :286_four_leaf_clover:


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That was a little bit hard to read.  Consider breaking up the different ideas into their own paragraphs next time you post something.

Welcome to Game Quitters!  ?

It sounds like you've lived a pretty tough life.  You can't expect an overnight transformation.  Basically what you have to do is find little steps you can take that will push you in the right direction and then over time things will get better.  Starting off with a 90 day no gaming detox seems to work for a lot of people here.

Cam (the guy who made this website) has a lot of free self-help videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTbbu5C5sq9VStQD2gvIN_g/videos

It's good to see you here, and you have my best wishes.  Try, try, and you will succeed! ?

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The next step to go I reckon (While detoxing) would be learning more about self development. I watched a lot of youtube vids abt that before I knew to come here and seek help (While I was still getting high everyday). But you can also read or listen to podcasts if you prefer that (I just had lots of time back then since I rarely went to school). Plenty of topics on meditation, self discipline, social skill advice ect.

Tho since you're into business, I found business ppl were the best advice givers for life too. I'd definitely recommend the channels "Valuetainment" and "Brian Tracy". Goal setting should also be something you should focus on - Learn about it so you can apply it properly and it'll be easier for you. Advice I hear over and over from those kinds of ppl (Online at least) is that a good career and money are not what they looked for. They just followed their passions and money came along with it as a bonus. In other words, the key isn't to focus on money, but to focus on your actual self.

I think it's awesome you know in some sense exactly what you want and that you've taken the action to be here!

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