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What are good social activities?


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I'm making progress doing Respawn.  Ok, so now it's time to find new things to do instead of gaming.  "There are 3 Types of activities", Cam says, "Mentally engaging, resting, and social"

I'm pretty sure I'm an antisocial introvert, because that third one scared me when he started talking about it.

I used to go to bars and nightclubs to try to be more social and it was always a disaster.  When I used to work I'd go to potlucks with my coworkers and it was always an awkward mess.  Now that I'm a student I've gone to various clubs and just sort of sat around.  I often get the feeling that people don't like me, and they don't really want to be around me.

I really want to try to get out there and make new friends, but I don't even know where I'd start.  ?

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That's tough man. To be honest, I'm also struggling to find the right social activity to fill that gap.

Have you tried going to a boardgaming club? I've really gotten into that as it's allowed me to scratch the itch a little bit, without all the destructive side effects on my time and self-control. It's also a fun way to meet other people, even girls! ?

Otherwise, I think any group activity where you do something together but the challenge is more the object than socializing is probably good. Hiking, rock climbing etc. I really wanna try rock climbing sometime soon. There's a clear goal there, and it's something you will do alone to begin with, but just by being part of a club or gym you will probably meet other people and can share your love of the activity together.

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A fine question. I was quite a socially awkward myself during the gaming years - still a long way to go but I have noticed after staying away from porn and games that I have become very comfortable talking to people one on one while dealing with people who knew the old me is very awkward still. I think expanding the social activities will come naturally as we progress and feel more comfortable in our own skin. I will be looking for social activities somewhere that no one knows me and who knows maybe after that awhile I will be fine socializing with people who knew me as an awkward guy. I am thinking that doing volunteer work to get contacts for my resume is my first place to start! 

Great question @Redmark you got my noggin thinking a little.

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