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Question of the week: What's your favourite quote?

James S.

My daily walk

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Days 58-61

This week has been very weird. Between sinus infection to back pain to going to church for first time in long time. I had a few moments thinking about Halo or other games, but no action behind them. Like I am so busy trying to get things done or sorted out, only time I have is watching Hulu or farting around on discord. 

I am realizing I have some skills in sketching. I taking lessons on youtube to develop them a bit. 

Not much else happened. Back to the grind tomorrow in full steam. See how we do. 

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Day 62

Start of a new work week. It was pretty easy going. When I got home it was a different story, I was craving to default to games for some reason. My wife playing her games doesn't help matters. Thankfully I crashed on the couch instead and nodded off some. 

Ironic thing was it was our 11 year anniversary but we were both too beat up to do anything. I plan on making it up when we feel better. 

I wanted to plug some time into a few projects but my lower back was hurting too much. I am not sure the way I am sitting is triggering it. Ended up watching a few episodes of the Strain. 

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Days 63-65

I been damaged goods this week. I didn't play video games, but I buried my head into TV series I been watching. I am thinking I need to hang up streaming TV shows which is ironic since I work for a streaming service. 

Unstable should be my middle name. Something doesn't go right or the way I intended it. Instead of brushing off the dust and moving on. I self loath, then it takes days to figure out I am broken. Like walking on thin ice each day, when I fall thru the lights inside flick off. 

Everyone has a burden to bare, this is mine. At least now I know. 

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