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I'm a guy who's just not sure.

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Hi I'm Adnan from London England. Quite an emotional topic this. I feel like society's perception of gaming addicts is so trivial. They just seem to think things like "It's Just a Game!" completely ignoring what an addiction is in the brain. I've tried to express how i currently feel about gaming in my life below. Sorry if its a little confusing or anything.


Extreme Overthinker??

I don't want to quit. I do want to quit. I don't want to have the desire to play games but I do want to play games! But that's just because i have the desire to play games! If i didn't have that desire then i wouldn't want to play games you nincompoop! (I was talking to myself) Ping Pong go the thoughts in my head.. Pinball from windows! Table tennis? Far Cry - MENACE! Can't live, can i? Can i live without my games? I don't want them as my masters, i want them as my friends.

Don't quite know what I should do. I just, I just don't.

I stare at my screen, I scream inside, pace around my room i feel i aught to cry!

Should i quit these games? They're so much better than my life! But the life I want to live is so much better then them still!

There are two extremes. On the one hand i could continue to allow games to dictate my habits outside of work and on the other i could purge them completely from my life. But isn't there a way to take back 'some' control? To keep allowing myself to play games sometimes while i'm working towards my goals? Then, when my life becomes the one I've always dreamed of i just won't want to play my games but live, for real, instead.

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I'd suggest creating a diary in the forums on the daily threads.  Start by creating a list of pros and cons to gaming in your opinion.  If you think you shouldn't be gaming, there's something underlying about the whole thing.  Start thinking about what those reasons are and get yourself thinking.  

Good luck,



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What you say here resonates with a lot of people who see games as a bad habit, but haven't had games ruin their life completely. If you see my own journal here, you'll see that when I started I wanted to keep games under control. I then went cold turkey. I tried gaming in moderation again, and I would be lying if I said that gaming once every day doesn't affect me. It does. It makes everything else pale in comparison and what does that do? No, it doesn't directly affect my goals, I can still devote time to them, but.. do I still want them as much once I've tasted the feelings games provide me? 

For me, the answer is no. Gaming doesn't stop me from pursuing my goals directly, but it does stop me from pursuing them indirectly, because it occupies my mind to such a degree that I find myself feeling like rushing everything in order to get to the gaming part of the day. 

For some of us, there is no middle ground. I felt like I simply had to reply to you here, especially because of the timing. You see, I tried moderation these past few days for a second time and it just gave me the results I described. You are the only one who can observe yourself and your reactions and thus judge whether you have a problematic relationship with games or not. 

Hope this is of some use to you!

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