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Casual gamer but surely addicted


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I found out about this site by a news article on futurist and I'm very glad to see something like this come to fruition and starting to gain some traction. I think gaming addiction is way more significant than the general public is giving it credit for. I remember thinking this back in 2006 and not being able to find anyone online who agreed with me. It's not nearly as destructive as alcohol or narcotics, but the addictive pull of it is real. 

While i'm at work on weekdays I daydream about having a clean house and entertaining guests in my home for dinner parties. I like the thought of being a great storyteller, having a closely knit friend group, and a successful career. I like to think about how I'm going to learn new skills and challenge myself to be a better person, be a better friend, and hold an established career. But the instant I get home the games are on.

I'm a gamer and as I'm writing this message, I haven't changed out of the same sweatpants and hoodie I've been wearing since Friday night. My wife is out of town seeing some of her high school friends this weekend and I'm home alone filling every hour of freetime in my schedule with games. My kitchen sink is stacked with dishes. My carpets are covered in dog fur. There are blankets and pillows and food wrappers on the floor. There's things in my house that I know need to be cleaned, organized or repaired. I could be researching a cool idea I could bring up to my boss in the next meeting and potentially get a raise or a bonus or a promotion, but I've already spent 14 hours on Saturday playing shooter games, and even after waking up today with feelings of hangover from doing NOTHING the day before, I'm already pretty sure I'm going to be doing the same thing today.

I'm not obsessed with it. It doesn't necessarily effect my real life. My relationship with my wife is great, I'm not in danger of getting fired in my low-level corporate job, and I still keep in touch with friends and family every now and again. The thought of owning people in another deathmatch doesn't pollute my thinking day to day. But I do know it's an addiction because some times I won't eat until it hurts, the messes in my house stress me out and I don't do anything about it, I want to have close friends but I don't call or text anyone while I'm playing, and I know I'm capable of so much more things that I know would make me a happier person. As long as I'm playing games, I'm just not reaching for it.

I'd like to know what it takes to be an accountability buddy to someone with a similar level of addiction as myself. 


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Hey man,

nice you came here! I think many of the people here are like you. Gaming dont let them to make more progress. Gaming although you dont really want to. So you are not alone with this.

If you search a buddy, try to look in some Journals maybe you find someone who fits you and you can write them a PM

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Hi Rude, I know exactly how you feel. I usually dream of doing something productive but typically end up playing a ton of video games. Like you, it's gotten to the point I won't eat until my stomach and head hurts, and the dishes pile up often. The worse part is I am being a bad example to my son and I want to show him that I can be disciplined and that it has it's rewards.


Anyways, best of luck to you in your journey. ?

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Welcome to the forums, @Rude ?

This is my personal definition of an addiction: if gaming (or any other kind of activity, really) is preventing you from doing things you'd rather do, it's an addiction.

One of the things that we generally recommend is to start your own daily journal. Some folks will read it and may follow up with you if you disappear (as has happened to me a few times). It's also a great long-term method for getting to the bottom of your addiction, what triggers it, and how to avoid it.

And feel free to read other people's journals - you may find someone who's a good match.

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