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It's  DAY  730 so you know what it means

57dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b257dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b2TWO FUCKING YEARS57dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b257dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b2

(without video games)



 Another year has passed since I‘ve decided to put and end to my one decade lasting gaming addiction. These past two years  have granted  the opportunity for my mind to think freely which I‘m really grateful for, although this opened a gateway for a ton of existensialism related questions that I have trouble finding answers to. I have  a fair share of problems, well maybe not  problems but really hard decisions that require urgent solving that have been tearing me apart for the past 4 months or so. My life is at a crossroad right now. But I think everything will solve itself like it always does. If not...God help :D There have been a few moments throughout this whole year when I was considering going back to gaming, but these thoughts were quickly thrown out the window, since it‘s very important for me to „live my life“ and sustain a clear mind at the momment. I think it‘s a great achievement of me,  being game free for two years, but for some reason it doesn‘t feel like it ( stupid Rem). I am still thinking of a way how I should reward myself...Man, whenever I take a look at modern day  games like Fortnite or PUBG, I realise that my situation woulda been way worse if I decided to postpone the 90day detox. I want to thank Cam and this whole community in general for being probably the most supportive group of people that I‘ve known on the internet. Without this place I‘d still probably be smashing the keyboard 'till the frieking keys fall out.



         57dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b257dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b2   57dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b257dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b2   57dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b257dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b2   57dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b257dbfdf3695db_4444.thumb.gif.3ea0ec5e3b2   














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