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  1. You are awesome! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Hey people, Today I passed 33 days without gaming. I track my days with Coach.me. This also means that my requests for account deletion have gone through. It feels kind of weird to celebrate that, but it really has been a heavy step. My Steam Account probably was worth several thousands of dollars as well as my Blizzard Account (german only sorry). I don't even want to know exactly what I have invested in those platforms.. It freaks me out. This was a really extreme but necessary move. Even if I wanted I would not have the motivation to start from 0 again. At the moment I don't have any cravings for gaming and having stopped gaming completely really helps me focus on studying for my upcoming exams. Stay strong guys and win the day! Day by day!
  3. Hey folks, I passed 7 days without gaming. During this time I was pretty busy with selling all of my consoles, all of my games and even my gaming pc.. Not only that. I even requested account deletion for my steam, battle.net and PlayStation Account. I would have never thought I could make this step. But after all this sets me up for a new chapter of life. Thank you guys.
  4. Hey Blazing Man, Yes I do! And I am glad about that. I have been playing Team Handball for 12 years now. If I haven't had that for almost my entire life, things would be much worse now. Also when I first started my detox I joined a local gym and I go there regularly with some friends. My problem is the boredom at home. I can't motivate me to start studying for my tests at the end of the semester. Usually when I had to study, I gamed. For hours. Motivation is the big thing I am working on right now.
  5. Today is the day. I already uninstalled all my games back in January, and I stayed strong for 60 days. Then I relapsed. I went back to a life of lies. I started lying to my family and my gf again. I was even lying to myself. Everytime I actually wanted to study for university I gamed. It was destroying me. I can't even think about how much money I spend for gaming.. If I wouldn't have spent it in the first place for games and stuff I would be so much more independent today. But it's enough. Today I am going to have my battle.net and Steam account deleted. I am going to put my consoles on eBay. And I invested in this decision by purchasing Respawn. I am glad there is this website where I find people who have the same problem. And I am looking forward to quit gaming with all of you.