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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hey there, new here

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I'm totally new to the game quitters mindset.
Two weeks ago I've stumbled over Cam's videos on youtube after seeing another vid, where a guy talked about his past and video game addiction.
Additionally one of my close friends has just gone into a rehab center recently. I often find myself just sitting on PC for hours, often just because I feel there are no alternatives.

It's not just games in my case, but it's also just sitting on PC until late night during weekends, where I can't just power off. Even if I want to and get exhausted.

Usually I'm 10+ hours a day on the computer during weekends and when I have work or other obligations I play or browse from around 5 to 22-23 pm pretty much immediately when I'm home.. I already quit all MMO's I played a year ago. However I still "just" sit there and it feels so wasted.

Not happy with my life at the moment. I only have 3 close friends, all of them are gamers. Currently I'm focusing on finding new activities. What I already started is working through a specialist book, in a more serious attempt. Plus another one, but this one I basically just have as my evening read, for self-development.

I'm planning to do the 90-day-detox eventuallly in about a month or two, currently reducing my time spent on the PC step by step. I installed a timer-software which counts down from 2 and a half hours. As soon as the timer hits zero I gotta turn the computer off.
Once I'm at 30 mins a day I plan to start with the detox phase of 90 days. I don't want it to break down too rapidly, because I heard it can give like real bad cravings. By slowly reducing it I could trick my brain.

Really looking forward to stay connected with you guys on this forum! So glad I'm here!

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Welcome to the forum! We recommend cold turkey quitting, but if you want to try moderation first it's fine. You have the Journal Section if you want to keep track of your progress, the forum for whatever topic you want to browse or question you may have, the YouTube channel for even more information, case studies, etc. Feel at home. 

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Welcome ;) Everyone has his/her own way of quitting. I also tried quitting step by step but found out it didnt work. My addicted brain found ways to trick me and then i was again at the same point where i never wanted to be again. I think its very important you find something to fill the void gaming will leave when you quit. Maybe you just need to try different things to see what you like and what activities please you. What helps is starting a journal and reflect your behaviour. :)

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