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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

So it begins... :)


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Hey everyone!

My name is Dave, and im a Post Grad student in New Zealand.  I consider myself a bit of a artistic individual, but quite often I get urges to play single player games which is what ive been doing for years. Although most recently I have been on study break for quite a few months now and ive used a majority of that time to play single player games (most recently the Witcher 3). Quite honestly I feel guilty about that when I know that I shouldve used that time in a more productive manner, but Im here now and this morning I uninstalled Steam along everything game related including The Witcher 3. Im a bit gutted about that because I never finished the Witcher storyline and its soo good!

 Now that im close to the age of 30, I want to take a step in the right direction and cut gaming out of my life.  However I might make an exception for the Sims 4 because me and my girlfriend like to play that together, and build houses - although I cant seem to get addicted to the Sims which is a good thing!  From now on I would like to use my free time to build my skills as a digital artist and make my productive hobbies more enjoyable, to the point where I dont feel the urge to play a game.  

Thanks for reading and if you want to see some of the work I do, please head on over to: davemccarty.myportfolio.com

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Welcome Dave!

A funny thing up front: I can totally relate to the Sims situation. Every couple of months, me and my wife play a couple of hours just to "rebuild our house" and see how we could change the furniture and stuff. It is not really gaming to us, but more like an interactive interior design tool. And I never got addicted to it somehow.

Anyway, you got some cool art-project going on and I guess this will be a great head start for you, since many people who stop playing games have to find a fulfilling hobby first. It seems, you got a great one already. Best of luck to you for your future plans.

Be sure to ask if you need any support.

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Hi Dave, and welcome! I can also relate to what you're saying about Sims.  That seemed to be more of a creative experience and less destructive to my lifestyle than some of the other games I've been hooked on.  I commend you on uninstalling your Steam account.  Not sure if you've thought about it, but I actually deleted mine permanently, which was quite a liberating feeling.  I found that in the past after uninstalling it, I could still go back months later and reinstall it.

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