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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My Journal - Michael Nissan


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DAY # - 1

Time I woke up: 10:40AM

Time I went to sleep yesterday: IDK



- Quit video games

- Learn the bitcoin field and start investing

- Study online marketing


Miscellaneous accomplishments: 

- Established a morning routine

- Completed first chapter of Respawn


Summary of Day 1:

Woke up super late. Didn’t have energies even to brush my teeth. Usually I stay in bed and play hearthstone for an hour or two before I move to my desk and keep playing for the rest of the day.

today I didn’t feel like playing at all after I played all day yesterday and lost a bunch.

Not playing today allowed me to actually feel like shit and not make it better by winning a couple of games.

I decided that I want to feel good for who I am and the things that I do. I need a strong morning routine to start off the day in a right way that sets my day up to win. Only way I could tackle my objectives successfully. So I came up with my routine and started with the first chapter of Respawn to get rid of games once and for all so I have more time to actually do stuff.

Chapter 1 is now completed and I’m looking forward to continue my journey.

What I am grateful for today:

~ Breaking my usual pattern

~ Wanting more from myself and life

~ Having my supportive family

~ Not giving up just yet

Peace and love, Michael.

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Cheers Michael! Welcome to the community!

A word to the wise: Be prepared for when you wake up one day and are just dying to go back. Doing something that creates a large obstacle to prevent you from playing at the press of a button is incredibly helpful.

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I concur, please follow Shine Magical's advice. The usual order to spend money (if starting from zero) is emergency fund > Roth IRA or 401k (for workplace) > other index funds > real estate (maybe) and then put 1~3% of your financial capital into cryptocurrencies. If you want high-risk high reward assets, there are riskier index funds to look into (like foreign stocks). 

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