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NEW INTERVIEW: How Pauline Narvas Overcame Gaming Addiction to Become a Programmer and Build an Incredible Life!


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  1. thanks a lot friend! Appreciate your advice
  2. Thanks a lot bro. Appreciate the kind words
  3. DAY # - 1 Time I woke up: 10:40AM Time I went to sleep yesterday: IDK Projects: - Quit video games - Learn the bitcoin field and start investing - Study online marketing Miscellaneous accomplishments: - Established a morning routine - Completed first chapter of Respawn Summary of Day 1: Woke up super late. Didn’t have energies even to brush my teeth. Usually I stay in bed and play hearthstone for an hour or two before I move to my desk and keep playing for the rest of the day. today I didn’t feel like playing at all after I played all day yesterday and lost a bunch. Not playing today allowed me to actually feel like shit and not make it better by winning a couple of games. I decided that I want to feel good for who I am and the things that I do. I need a strong morning routine to start off the day in a right way that sets my day up to win. Only way I could tackle my objectives successfully. So I came up with my routine and started with the first chapter of Respawn to get rid of games once and for all so I have more time to actually do stuff. Chapter 1 is now completed and I’m looking forward to continue my journey. What I am grateful for today: ~ Breaking my usual pattern ~ Wanting more from myself and life ~ Having my supportive family ~ Not giving up just yet Peace and love, Michael.
  4. Hey there. My name is Michael Nissan and I’m 27. I live in Miami USA but I was raised in Jerusalem, Israel. I’ve been addicted to video games since I received my first game boy at age of 7. yeah, 20 years of gaming. You guessed it, I’m unemployed with no profession what so ever, broke as hell and no girlfriend nor any friends. I don’t want to blame all of that on gaming but I know that it had a lot to contribute towards my current situation. I’m desperate as one can possibly be and I know that things must change in order for me to not feel like a complete fucking loser, which on paper, I quite frankly am. I’m not stupid. In fact, I truly believe that I’m more intelligent than the majority of the people out there but this doesn’t mean shit when the only progress you make in life is to your digital card collection. Therefore, I’m here now to really just change my fucking life. I want to be financially free, doing something I love. I wanna be healthy, good looking and attract women and have a lot of friends. Finally, I want to get married and become a father. I have a lot of faith in this journey that I’ve begun and I hope that this is the new beginning of my “real life”. Peace and love, Michael.
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