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6 hours ago, info-gatherer said:

 A group of friends that I don’t hang out with anymore had a dinner together and nobody told me anything, I wasn’t invited. Now, I’m happy to be finally apart from them because that’s what I tried to do for a long time (there’s a couple very toxic individuals among them), but 1 or 2 of them are still friends of mine and I feel betrayed. I mean, I’m happy about the missing invite, but I’m definitely not ok with the silence & secrecy.

Consider that maybe your actual friends had nothing to do with the invites. For them its just as awkward. They for sure knew you weren't invited, and for them it's not nice trying to force the rest of the group to invite you just so they dont have to carry the guilt of you not being invited. It's an awkward place for multiple people here, and i suggest you dont put too much thought on it. There's also the chance that they know you well enough, that you wouldn't be interested. All in all dont blame them too much.


6 hours ago, info-gatherer said:

Another thing that bothers (haunts) me is that one of the toxic individuals mentioned above knows my secret life (gaming 12+ hours a day) because I was so stupid to tell him while drunk, and now there is a high probability that everyone knows it. Even if I don’t game anymore. Is this fair? I guess I just need to accept it and deal with it. Accept myself and forgive my past self and care less about other people’s opinions. But I’m not ready to do that. It’s been only 50 days... Forgiveness and acceptance can wait...

I think you should own up to it, you don't have to forgive yourself of it, but atleast recognize this is something that you have done, and you aren't proud of it. Maybe you still feel a lot of regret, but don't try and supress your past and imagine it never happened. Fact is that you gamed way too much for way too long, and thats just how it is. Whats wrong with people knowing that about you? There's multiple flaws that pains people's past, some are gambling, some are addicts of different kinds and probably many more things. That doesnt mean i judge them, if they actively know it was bad for them and have quit.

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