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Forum back online 11/14


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Hi all,
the Forum is back online after a horrible software and server crash.

Worked like 13-14 hours straight on it to restore all the stuff.

You might notice that there are still small design issues, which I think aren't a big deal. They will be fixed within the next few days.

You will also notice that we have a little "Support" button at the top navigation:


Use this if you have any technical issue to report an issue, so I can look into it.

Thanks for your patience!

Best regards.

For those who are interested what happened:

Cam told me that the forum was down, so I looked into it and noticed that there was a MySQL (Database) issue and the forum software couldn't connect with the Database, so I tried to fix that first by forcing a restart of the MySQL service. The issue still wasn't fixed with that so I tried to do some magic in the Database itself which triggered other issues, after trying to fix the error(s) for a few hours I gave up and re-installed the whole server. I switched from Ubuntu to CentOS because I noticed that the forum software works better on CentOS and since I barerly used CentOS I needed to do a crash course - commands, file locations and other things are different than on Ubuntu - which took me like 1-2 hours. 

After everything was up I needed to import the Database. A full import didn't work (because it triggered issues again...) I needed to import the important tables only, which ended up in copying the relevant tables into a new sql file (Hint: There is one table with like 45k entries ...). After the import was done we had the categories, but they weren't named correctly - We had some random/pre-defined category names. So instead of "Start Here + Introductions" we had something like "forum_forum_1", so I needed to name them correctly with the descriptions, same applied to groups.
So I tried to made a 1:1 copy of the old forum on a local server install to get everything right - Unfortunately, I couldn't do a 1:1 on the server we use for the Gamequitters forums :S It only worked on my local server.

After I had that correctly I wanted to bring up the forum back online, I then clicked on Cam's profile randomly and noticed that his profile had errors, basically.. clicking on his profile triggered an issue, but interestingly enough only on his profile, tried to fix that, but no luck.. so I went to sleep, since I didn't sleep for like 22-23 hours, after waking up the fix was done within 10 minutes :D 
And here we go: Forum back online and (hopefully) working.

As I said, if you notice anything, please use the Support button.

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Another downtime happened...

Unfortunately some "likes given" are gone :( But better that than posts I think..

First error was:
out of memory

So the machine didn't want to boot up, tried to use rescue console via our VPS Provider, 3GB out of 8GB were used the whole time, so.. restarted the machine, then we had some harddisk failure?! 
Made a quick S.M.A.R.T-Selfcheck, nothing wrong.. So I chrooted via rescue console again to rebuild the /boot partition, nothing.. so, re-install again and.. here we are :D



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