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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Wanted to say hello


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Video games have always been a huge part of my life. They gave me lots of good moments and I am happy that I played some of them; it was an enriching experience*. Nevertheless, the summary is still unsatisfying. Even though few were amazing, most of them were not. Either because they lacked story and immersion (which is not that bad thing, after all how many movies or books suffer from the same thing?) or because I played them over and over again, excessively, until the point in which I started to wonder if I really don't have anything better to do.

To be honest, I'm bit confused now; it's difficult for me. Writing those words pains me, because come on, I want to play. I'm stressed and anxious after being 24 hours without gaming. My mind keeps screaming "install it just for a one game, then you'll uninstall and voilà, we are all good". Of course I had thousands of such temptations, I have always succumbed to them. I'd like to think that now it will be different, but I know myself way too well. I'm aware that my will is not made out of iron. 

Still though, I can do my best to delay that gaming enticement as long as I can.


I'm glad I found this place (via reddit I think? Can't remember), since I didn't find anything like that in my native language (polish, by the way, which as far as I noticed by now, is kinda popular here). Looks pretty legit so far.

Few words about me - constantly sad, struggling to improve quality of my life without jumping from the skyscraper's roof. Trying to grow a beard. Huge animal lover, I feel immense obligation to pet everything despite the fact that I'm allergic to it. Nondrinker, although got to be honest - sometimes I miss cold scotch with coke or good porto.

I think it's long enough for start. I'll probably write way, way longer posts in my journal thread, and by God, nobody leaves that forum until you all read it.


So, long story short - hello, nice to meet you all.

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