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Detox for Shocks


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Day 30:

@giblets  As in keeping us calm and grounded, lol, if you jammed to the musical styling of Demon Hunter posted by a guy of color (me), then that means I'm getting more variety in my playlist and want to keep my mind from jumping all over the place.

.................Yep, Just taking a moment of silence for achieving nearly a month without playing any games, but i learned something, we are all adults right? And as such we have a right of getting the most out of our lives without stressing out and finding what makes us happy.

So, i read most of your other journals on here about moderation and relapsing and man i felt that. Like with HappyCat's DDR and the new guy posting on here about taking a week to game but relapsing later. I learned that it's all about control, like one guy said to me before, you can play games, but you have to learn how to control them.

When i was 13, my pops gave me a PS3 for Christmas. I was so overjoyed because i was able to experience a new level of gaming, but i was able to moderately control how i played because i knew my studies had to come first. But once i got good, that's when i made the foolish choice to compete with other people online. That's what ate up my life.

It's all about staying productive, finding an interesting hobby to fill the void instead of trapping yourself to relapse by 'gaming to be the best' or 'I'll play this one level for a few hours'. Once you start, that relaxing three hour gaming session may turn into a 7 hour intoxication. I say be careful because people will get you to stay on if you aren't watching your time online. Offline...it's up to you.

So, I agree, sometimes we need a break from all our successes and hard work and it won't hurt to play for 30min or an hour once a month, but just keep in mind that you are all in control of your life as adults. I can say this because i was in Cam's shoes at one point and i let it slip from me, so please just understand me, as i just wanted to get this off of my chest. Good Vibes!

I'm grateful for taking back my life and working

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Hey Pete, how are you doing? Are you ok? Were you under stress because of the hurricane and this is the reason why gaming has crept back in?

Your logic worries me a bit. I was on a similar path and then I went from "relaxing" couple of hours or an hour of gaming to 8-10 hours per day in a couple of weeks. Are you still continuing with the detox? I think the idea is, that you can try this, just to see if you can stop playing games for 90 days. Then you can go back, because you will be able to decide, your brain won't decide for you, if you know what I mean. I think Cam said that there is nothing wrong with gaming. But sometimes you (or some people) can't handle playing just "casually" and you slip right back to the obsessive/addictive behavior. I hope you are ok in any case!!

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