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Starting Here, Losing friends


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Afternoon everyone, 

I'm coming to the realization that like an alcoholic most of my friends revolve around me playing games. They think that since they don't have a problem managing it that I'm just kind of a lazy asshole about it everything. So it's kind of like the argument of alcoholism being a moral failing, that I'm just not strong enough it or persevere over. I'm working on quitting games again. Curious if anyone else has had this problem? Do you lose friends when thats what you do to relax and have fun etc. 


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I was worried as well, especially when they would ask me why they haven't seen me online for weeks. Turns out like @Mettermrck said, they were very supportive, and it gave at least one other one the motivation to give up and go outside as well. For the remainder, I just get on the front foot with suggestions for activities instead because they have a chance to default back to "meet you online".

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