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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Greetings + my plan

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Hi everyone. I'm new to Game Quitters which I found on YouTube, and have decided to commit myself to the 90 day detox.

I've been playing games pretty hardcore since I was 17, and now i'm 32 and have already lost the best years of my life. For several years, i've tried to game in 'moderation'... 'just a couple hours a day', weekends only, etc etc. But it never works. If you give these things an inch they will take a mile. I believe that now.

In order to be successful i've put my entire game collection for sale up on eBay, and have boxed up my console and tucked it away in my closet. Maybe after the 90 days I will feel confident enough to bring it out again, but my main focus now is to make it through these 90 days without fail. I don't have time left to mess this up, so wish me luck!

And glad to finally be here!

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